View Full Version : Weapons and also my thoughts.....

11-08-2012, 06:07 AM
Is there a way to unequip weapons... Like the bow and guns? (I know how to get rid if main weapons ex. Swords/blunt/heavy)???

I have beat the game 100% and wanted to free roam RP in the Teen Connor outfit (Indian) but he looks silly with two pistols and a bow with no quiver. Even just the guns being unequiped would be nice. Wish Indian teen Connor had a quiver. Infact wish all outfits had quiver options....

They should put (in HUD menu) options for quiver (for all outfits) guns (and holsters) bow, AND Hood, to be removable/showing.

To those ppl talking smack on Connor being a terrible character/assassin.... Ezio was BY far worse. If anything Ezio was a mercenary. Remember AC2?? Where Ezio climbed a tower SCREAMED OUT his name and that he was an assassin an then in clear view killed that one punk kid? I do. We dealt with Ezio for 3 whole games where he constantly lacked the assassin image. Connor has every right to be how he is. Not only he is somewhat forced into his role and willingly accepts it, he is brought into a world of the Britsh and Colonists where he knows ABSOLUTELY nothing about. I love Connie and I love AC3. I owned each fame from the day it came out and 100% beat all if them. Altair had flaws but Ezio was terrible. He did get somewhat decent in Revekations in some aspects. But Connor takes the cake.

11-08-2012, 08:18 AM
As much as I love Connor and he is my favourite Assassin... please don't call him... "Connie" and on topic... I have no idea how to do that I just want Connie's God **** it Connors* hood back!

11-08-2012, 08:28 AM
I meant Conner I am in my iPhone in a bumpy car trip. Spelling isn't easy. Lol Connie. Yes Connor is my new fave, great game. I alsO haven't seen a SINGLE glitch or bug my whole time playing. Idk why everyone is so rude about this game.