View Full Version : A compilation of my ideas for AC3

11-07-2012, 09:32 PM
Ok so some of these ideas i'm sure have been say'd but I have some alternatives that people may not think of.

The hood....
Ok, so I know people are upset about the hood thing at the end. I like it. It makes him... human. he's not some hooded faceless killing machine, he has a face, he's known to the people. I would like an option to keep his hood down or put it up at any time because like I said, it adds a humanness to the game.

the seasons...
So I know you can change the seasons through hacks in the animus, I have a question and depedning on how it's answered, you may or may not want to skip the next comment. QUESTION: I know that if you enable a hack it stops saving, like RDR's cheats, you don't unlock trophies or what ever. Now when I use a cheat, like the season cheat, does that mean that I will never be able to save again? Like when i take the cheat off, will I be able to get trophies and stuff again?
COMMENT: They made the seasons pretty awesome, and they showcased it allot. I think something like this should not be hacks, but normal in the free roam, not affecting saves or anything. I think that when you enter boston, new york or what ever it says "Do you want it to be summer or winter when you arrive?" Like a pop up menu like the "are you sure you want to travel here"

Ok so i'm almost positive that there is much hate over the lack of A navy missions and B lack of naval freeroam. Personally, I can see why Ubisoft might not have added these in, they may have been worried about the tower defence thing from Revelations, how they chocked that game full of it and people hated it. Well Ubisoft, people love the navy and want more! but not only would I love to see navy freeroam, singleplayer of course, but the ability to set a destination and be able to walk around the ship as she sails.

I have 1 question as well. I took over forts for the good guys, will the Templar try and take it over again?

thanks in advance and for reading all of this text :P post bellow in the comments.