View Full Version : Errors or problems I see in AC lll

11-07-2012, 07:49 PM
Some of the problems i see is why can't you put your hood on after you beat the game that's just stupid like come on isnt the whole point of an assasin to blend in or look stealthy well I'm pretty sure they'll know who you are if your running around with a thread of hair and a ponytail sticking out in the air

Also what about weapon animations like today I bought a knife from a trading post to try it out it's the same animations as the tomahawk like why it really makes it look stupid when there using a knife as a tomahawk since a tomahawk is wider than a knife so there stopping in mid strike because that's what a tomahawk would do

Also the lack of stealth used in game I truly wish that you could just crouch wherever and whenever you so if someone is to the right and your gonna kill the guy to the left you can without alerting every guard in Boston

Im having trouble knowing why they'd release this game right now it was rushed its sloppy and need a hell of an amount of work ubisoft you better come up with kick a** update or a new game with less bugs