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11-07-2012, 05:45 PM
Hey guys, I yesterday completed AC:3. I thought after the end i will be able to do the rest of my unfinished missions for clubs. But on map i dont have any marks. i didnt do any quests for thieves(i cant find them) about 50% for frontinersman 74% for hunters and i had beaten that guy nearwindmill in NY. Please help. And sry for my eng.

11-09-2012, 11:13 PM
For the thieves, you need to steal at least 100 pounds for them to approach you (which they do in Boston or NY only). From there, just do the challenge lists they give you. Each new level comes from a thief in one of the cities when you arrive (or meet the challenge).

For the frontiersmen, you need to go to one of their camps and talk to them to get the missions. There is one in the north that I used and I think another in the south by the fort. Just do the mystery quests they give you (and the challenged, but it sounds like you've done those).

For the hunters, again there are the challenges and a series of 6 hunts that you can get from the hunting lodge in the north or south.

For the brawlers, after beating the guy near the windmill, you need to find the promoter near the Brewery in Boston (I haven't managed that one yet -- he doesn't appear on the map until you get very close).

11-09-2012, 11:23 PM
Yeah, there are a bunch of challenges that you need to complete. Kytr is right. You can check your status for each club (if you've encountered them and been invited into the fold, of course) under the map menu (just one icon down from the map). From there, you should get some clues on what to do. Beyond that, looking for the applicable icon on the map will also be necessary (same icon as in the menu I just mentioned). But it sounds like you don't see any of those. Not sure if the Gray on the map can cover those or not (so you can't see them even though they are there). Uncover all of the gray on your maps (heck, that's even one of the frontiersman challenges, if memory serves).

Brawlers you'll eventually be in a LONG tournament. That's the last mission based thing for the brawlers. You'll still have to complete the challenges, though... and one or two of them are tricky.

I hope Kytr and I have helped.

p.s. your English was wonderful. I've seen people who speak English natively with worse written English grammar than you. LOL