View Full Version : Ac3 ideas/N/thoughts (SPOILERS)

11-07-2012, 03:47 PM
Hey guys! i just wanted Ubi to know that im in love with this incredible game. But there are stuff im not comfortable with.

1# ending. I understand that it leaves a door opened for future games. but really ubisoft c'mon you could and can do better than that.
2# aftermath. The hunting is great and all but after the game is finished theres preety much nothing more than just replay missions, naval wich there aren't very much missions, and the liberation misssions sad to say that are very very boring to complete and to long. where are the side missions we were promised like the people that approach you asking for help ??? Homestead missions are fun thumbs up for those also the naval ones. im not a hater these are just my oppinions.

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE 3# the hood. when i started the aftermath and the hood was still down i was feeling depressed. i think connor's outfit its the best so far but why ruin the most important and special piece had to be removed permanently. along with that ridiculious hair! His hair was even better than ezios hair and it had to be ruined replaced by a stupid mohawk. And yes i understand its meaning scince im from mohawk descendance but it doesn't mean just because he's been through a lot of pain and sorrow you had to obligatedly change his hair b cuz we already know and have understood the message. i really hope there's a way to fix this proplem or if its a glitch has this happended to you guys i have been trying to take the outfit on and off various times but nothing happens. also a nother slight prob is the twin holsters why make this a craftable item only it would have been a lot better if it had been there scince we got the assassin outfit. but thats just me. well here you have it Ubi my thoughts about Ac3.