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11-07-2012, 02:43 PM
Can save this game from being the most linear 'open world' game ever created. Let's break down the general template of the missions:

- Walk 50 yards, trigger cut scene
- Look at screen filled with prompts and instructions how to carry out said mission
- Fail mission if you use any of your own initiative
- Re-start mission, having your hand held throughout it
- look at red crosses for not following their instructions verbatim
- put controller down as you trigger yet another QTE
- start another chase, restarting 5 times because you climb something by just pressing forward
- get to the target with a slither of health, guards everywhere, yet another cut scene, now you're transported somewhere else entirely as if it never happened

It's like Ubisoft's 'direction' for this game was to throw everything at the wall and see what stuck. It's not in the same league as proper stealth games (e.g. Deus Ex/Hitman). It's not in the same league as other genuine open world games, in terms of immersion and ability to interract (e.g. Read dead redemption, Fallout, Skyrim). It's not in the same league as games with a genuine combat system (e.g. Dark souls, The witcher - yes, different genres but combat disregards that).

It's like a watered down take on many great games, with constant hand holding that effectively negates any feeling of 'open world' or immersion. An utter failure IMO.

11-07-2012, 03:31 PM
I don't like that full sync business any more than you do, op. It's such a joke.