View Full Version : Assasin's Creed 3 PS3 (and some other ideas)

11-06-2012, 10:38 PM
First of all I would like to thank you guys who are doing a great work with these games, I dont know what to say, just finnished the game after hours of playing it, I know its not easy to make a game like this and it takes effort, money and time, first of all I would like to say that I've never in my whole life gotten so emotionally touched of a game like I have with assasin's creed. I'm a 27 year old programmer-guy who cant say anything less than this game is definately the most brilliant game ever made. But I've got to come with some backuping critisism aswell.

There are some slight graphical issues during the gameplay as when he does some certain stuff like mounting up his horse with some sort of sleeping-blanket, it doesnt appear on the horse in the next scene, or when he gets shot or when some areas are glitchy, and the game actually freeze for PS3 players a few times during the gameplay.

Other than that the game was perfect, but I promise one thing, If you can make the upcoming assasin's creed games ALOT longer, I mean imagine playing a game that actually take weeks to finnish and not 2 days (in my case). Then I will dedicate my life to ubisoft :)

First of all, I got one idea.

Imagine playing an assasin during the Abraham Lincoln ERA (like a futurecoming expansion) of how you fight once more for freedom and the right for all people regardless skincolour to dwell free in America, the North and the south, the murder of abraham lincoln the consequenses out from that. Now that would be a fantastic expansion to Assasin's Creed III (like a title of The return of the brotherhood, or something like that. The right of every man to live free, I mean imagine all the policital "schemes" during the abraham lincoln area, people were used on all fronts, the war between northamerica and southamerica :)

One thing I really dont get is the story about Minerva and her sister, the ending in the game, its like you get a feeling that the world got volcanic and everyone died. And that last sentence "now its my turn to play my part"... whats that fuzz about? I mean imagine playing a game from both sides where you choose between following the templar philosophys instead of the brotherhood philosophy.

I would also like to see a game where you actually can play more, I missed all these areas where u can climb to unlock mysterious inside the animus and I miss.

I'm just saying I looked forward for years for this game and when I finally made it through I actually got sad and cried abit for real, and a game have never affected me like that before. I must say its a masterpiece, I also know you could have done it ALOT better if you just had me in your group :)

Ubisoft, for me you've got the soul when making games, and the spirit of it, dont let it go and go too mainstream or you will loose your touch.

You can do whatever you want I mean its your story and its your game, but in the end there's always a margin of people buying, such as me.

Dont ever hesitate to contact me, I would love to get in touch with you :)


Theo Edsmyr