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11-06-2012, 08:26 PM
First try to wait to do this until all homesteaders are collected, I didn't but it will probably save the aggravation.

Key to map at the end of post.

Okay for me personally I was stuck on the tailor and miner forever. I also currently have woodworker 2/3 glitch with the log in manor updated checked and initially I had Lumberers 3/3 but no update in log(that's because I scanned the wives and it registered), later i scanned the lumberers doing something and it registered.

To start off some things to know. Day/Night influenced by traveling on foot/horse not Fast travel(at least it seems to be). Then again standing idle will progress the day but no whistling would occur. Also the whistles seem to signify an hr of game time passing with double whistle for noon and triple whistle for end of day or late night(not sure exactly the correlation but something to that effect from what i can tell).

To figure out who to scan use eagle vision scannable people appear gold This was far easier than using the list found on the internet because they were for me anyway confusing and not entirely correct.

Okay from my experience I was doing this all haphazard with no order and would constantly bounce back and forth trying to find scannable targets only to have people not there, not scannable or doing the same thing all over again. So what to do? Well that's why im writing this because i thought this up last night and tested it this morning and it took me 15 minutes to scan everyone doing everything including the things i had already scanned them(this is important to get the rest to move on to the next task)

There are suppliers and there are artisans.

Norris, Lumberer, Huntress, Farmer

Blacksmith, Tailor, Innkeeper

Multiple Roles
Woodworker, Doctor

These people won't always show up on your map until you are in range.

So to start my day i would fast travel to the manor. And begin with the Huntress in the north, I would eagle vision to see if gold, sometimes it takes a bit to get them in position so don't be too quick to run off. From there i went in a sequence Farmer, Miner, Lumberer.(Sometimes the woodworker would be doing his first activity at the farm(surveying)). I would scan anyone in gold if they weren't gold or there i went to the next person. Even if you have scanned someone, scan them again if they are gold(this is key to getting the others to progress in their day)
From there i moved up the town breaking off to nab the doctor and woodworker(whose exact sequencing im not too sure about since they can be doing many different thing not just related to their craft and would be gold. For instance the doctor would tell norris and myriam that they've struck iron in the village proper and that counted for me.

So i would move up the town from Lumberer(my last supplier) to innkeeper, smith, tailor, trying to nab doctor and woodworker if they were in the area and gold at the time.
After i completed the sequence I would move back north to huntress again. The key is to fast travel back to manor, if you do it by foot/horse the day continues to progress and you will miss scannable events.

Rinse and repeat until all are complete. For me personally the most difficult one was Norris because he would keep going from mining and lighting his lantern. And by the time i went to someone else and came back the day was done and he'd be working some wood with his knife. This was before i started doing them in this sequence and what a difference that made.

Some additional things to note, you will know if the sequence is screwed up if you get near the mine and you hear myriam and norris saying there goodbyes before going off to work or you see the farmers just getting out of there homes, that's okay just fast travel back to the manor and start with the huntress, if you continue on you can still scan others, but it will be next to impossible to get the miner or tailor to continue on. If you see anyone else just getting up to start work don't worry I think they are late starters because if you think about it from a efficiency stand point the lumberers will have nothing to do until they get orders from the smith or woodworker. Similarly the huntress and the tailor seem to be tied together, and for me Lance was helping Norris with something in the mine which triggered my last activity. So if you're having trouble with norris it may help to skip Lance(woodworker) so he is in the right spot to get Norris.

Also feel free to modify this sequence slightly in terms of going from the farmers to heading toward the doctor and the the village proper to get the woodworker and the lumberers. before going to the miner and then back to the innkeeper, smith and tailor(just keep in mind that the day will continue to progress if you are moving by foot so using the fast travel to the homestead/frontier border may help with that. However this sequence seems to provide a good framework to get everybody to move through their day and do all of their tasks.

I will note that For me i started doing these events as soon as i got the mission and i got stuck with a 2/3 woodworker with and updated log and i also scanned the wives of the lumberers because they were gold which gave me 3/3 Lumberer but wouldn't update the log, later I scanned the lumberers and the log updated.

All that said I got the achievement, but my encyclopedia isn't technically complete with woodworker 2/3, but I guess the achievement is triggered by having all 9 updated into log at the manor. There are those who the achivement won't pop as a result however from this glitch. Also since there is no specific tracker related to this in the DNA tracker i don't think this effects getting 100% sync.

I know this is a very long post and perhaps may be even a bit confusing so feel free to edit it down in TL;DR version and I think it will make more sense once more people do it and someone who can write more concisely than I can will sparse this down.


11-07-2012, 12:25 AM
I'm having a problem, I don't know where Myriam hunts or sets traps...

11-07-2012, 02:21 AM
You don't specifically have to see her set traps, I saw her scouting in her perch, skinning something, and shooting her gun, however she sets traps in the woods just south of her camp.

11-07-2012, 05:14 PM
What buttons do you press? Do you bring up a menu? Or just use eagle vision standing next to them?

11-08-2012, 01:44 AM
use eagle vision to see which ones are gold, and then hold not tap L1, this will cause it to reigister, if it is an action you've already they will still appear gold, but the game will give you a message that you have already viewed that activity, if they are blue it will say invalid target, Make sure updates are set on in the HUD section of game options to get notifications, i notice a lot of people turn them off, because frankly they are annoying after a while.

11-08-2012, 05:29 AM
during the day stalk the guy one time during the black smith i found him reading a book and it appears to count as one and the doctors and lumbers found them playing bowl and they count as one to lol

11-08-2012, 08:00 AM
So the woodworker will never get to 3/3 if the log is updated at 2/3?

11-09-2012, 01:54 AM
There is another problem. I had the issue with the woodworker being 2/3 and complete, but eventually I got a 3rd task for him. Now everything shows up complete in the checklist (and I did do everything) but no trophy was awarded!

11-10-2012, 02:24 AM
Got everything 3/3 and still no xbox achievement!

Lots of bugs with underreported % complete and such, but this is the first where you don't get a big reward for doing it. Big time bug.

12-28-2012, 04:26 AM
I still don't know what to do to get Norris to do anything besides going into the mines. Norris is the only character left I need to scan. Fast travel doesn't seem to help either; everyone keeps doing the same thing. Or how do I trigger the event where Lance goes to the mine?

EDIT: With a lot of patience and luck, I finally got the last event for the encyclopedia done.

01-08-2013, 10:20 PM
I was able to complete the Farmers and Hunter easily. Lumberers and Woodworker were rather difficult because they just smoked their pipe/went fishing. Had to leave and come back several times. Th e only one available to me now is the Miner. First two times a visited his camp he was nowhere to be found. Then third time there I caught him lighting his lantern. Had to wait several in-game days before I saw him working with the Woodworker in the mine so I got that one logged. He's being difficult. Spent many real-life hours now waiting for him to either sift by the river or use his pickaxe. I always see him wittling a stick on his porch. I know this is supposed to be fun but it fails badly.

Update: Finally, I got the miner to use his pickaxe. You have to wait until Sequence 7, and help him with his little mini-quest before he will do his third skill/act and use his pickaxe. I wish I would have known that days ago. I'd be more specific but I don't want to include spoilers.

01-08-2013, 10:50 PM
Once the Encyclopaedia is complete isn't it supposed to disappear from your logbook as it happens with other activities? I am just curious, because I have completed it, got the achievement and the entry is still there.