View Full Version : [SPOILER] Animus Database spoiled a part of AC3 story for me:(

11-06-2012, 05:18 PM
I know it may seem silly looking at the title, but I'm actually trying to PREVENT a possible spoiler in the story line. It's impossible to point it out without talking about it though:P So please don't read on if you haven't played past sequence 3 yet!!!

I've only just completed Sequence 3 of AC3 and am absolutely loving it so far!! I really like the awesome game play improvements, the gripping story and the cool setting I've experienced so far and I have to say that I really appreciate all the effort and time that has clearly been put into this game :)

I just have one complaint so far about the information players receive from the Animus Database during the mission "Unconvinced" during Sequence 3. In the entry "KANIETI:IO (Updated)" one gets the following information after chasing Kanieti:io:
"...help where she could get it - including from Haytham Kenway..." and "[she could not become the clan mother because of her] actions in the Braddock expedition, along with her relationship with a known Templar".

I usually really enjoy reading the Database entries as soon as they pop up, but in this case the information after the (**) slightly spoiled the crazy plot twist one should get at the end of sequence 3. Those who have played this far will know which one I mean;)
Because I am fairly sure that most players have taken a look at the front cover of the game, showing Connor, and the information Ubisoft released months ago confirmed that he is half English and half native-american, most players must already be fairly sure at that point that Haytham Kenway must be future Connor Kenway's dad and that Kanieti:io must be the Native-american woman he will have a child with. So the Database Entry above sadly made the plot twist fairly obvious to me, seeing as I then only realized/remembered that Haytham had always only spoken about "the Order" or something and never once mentioned the Assassin Brotherhood in the memories before.
I'm wondering if the developers could change this in a future patch and allow the "Updated" part of the Database entry to only be unlocked AFTER having completed the entire Sequence 3...
The plot twist was really well crafted storytelling wise and not many would expect it, but like I said the "Updated" part of the entry could also unnecessarily ruin it for other players, seeing as one does not need to know this at that point yet.

11-06-2012, 05:21 PM
Don't read Washington's. The game spoiled a big part for me too :|