View Full Version : Predator killing an enemy

11-06-2012, 03:17 PM
Hi all, I'm wondering whether there is a specific place to get the Trophy for watching a predator kill an enemy or whether I somehow have to lead a wolf/bear etc to the soldiers somehow (considering we all know how the only way to survive in a predator attack is by actually killing the animal I have a feeling there is a specific spot where the two encounter each other) any help is greatly appreciated.

11-06-2012, 05:25 PM
Oh my god this trophy had me in tears, I was just walking around and I saw a cougar maul a guards face off, needless to say I was laughing my *** off but then I heard the sound when you get a trophy and realised it was for that, laughed for a good 5 minutes. I do remember it being during the snow time though, maybe that can help?

11-06-2012, 08:05 PM
I got that one by random chance as well -- a bobcat doing the honors in my case. I laughed when it ran past me after killing the hunter and I got to assassinate it with the hidden blade standing in the open.

To force this, you need to be in an area with hostile creatures (wolves, bobcats, cougars or bears) and either hunters or redcoats. Then draw one of them into proximity of the other (without triggering combat) and sit back and watch the fun.