View Full Version : Single Player: Game Freezing Multiple Times

11-06-2012, 07:01 AM
I'm about 41% complete the single player story and have not had a single crash until tonight. I was out in the frontier hunting and when I hit RB to access my tools the screen changed to black with a single line across it and a loading circle. The screen did not return to normal or load and remained frozen. Rebooted the xbox and logged back in to where my character was previously and started to move when I hit LB and the same exact thing happened. Rebooted a second time, logged back in and started to free run in the tree tops before another freeze but this one did not change screens. It froze with my character in a tree. I cannot access anything all I can do is turn off my xbox or controller.

I searched for a bit about freezing and it seems most people have a problem with the multiplayer freezing rather than the single player freezing. Is it the disc? Is it my xbox? Any help would be much appreciated.