View Full Version : UPlay rewards...?

xECx Limitless
11-06-2012, 05:44 AM
so i got Ezios outfit and the Life Scratcher Pack from the uplay rewards thing. how do i put it on? is it for the single player campaign or is it for your xbox avatar? i dont know. i'm guessing its for the solo campaign, but how do i put it on?

11-06-2012, 06:10 AM
It's simple...go to the manor at the Homestead, enter the manor and go forward through the main hall past the stairs. Behind the stairs will be a candelabra you can interact with (you're actually shown this by Achilles in the main story -- it's where you get Connor's outfit, the basement) and down there should be the outfit hanging on the wall. It's where all your special outfits will go like if you had pre-ordered the game from a place that had a bonus outfit, they'd be down there. The other outfits you can get like "Jamestown Outfit" or "Boston Outfit" are just Connor's robes re-colored kind of like the dyes from the previous games only once they're purchased from the store, you never have to pay for them again. Those ones don't show up in the Homestead basement, they're in the general store inventories so every time you want to use one of those, you go to the store and select it. Think of those outfits as the 'dyes' of this game and the ones that appear in the basement as the special armor you acquire like the Armor of Altair alongside the skins in the previous games.

Hope I helped!