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11-06-2012, 05:35 AM
Normally I don't get on this board and speak on the games in general I don't really feel compelled to do so in the past they've been ok and decent but wow this game....glitchy, rushed, and really not impressive story wise not to mention the whole new cheesiness of the 2012 movement.

I had to give my opinion on it because its really bad on all three counts.

I beat the game in 3 days and believe it or not I wasn't rushing.

Story wise

I don't have a problem with it being in the time frame as an American we grew up with the dry text book history lessons which I swear they did on purpose to make us not want to know anything more about our founding but I was looking forward to being in the events as they unfolded turning the text book meanderings and placing you in the moments of say Concord and Lexington, the Boston massacre, and Valley Forge and make them alive instead the entire game proceeds as if you've come late to a party and not only do you not know any of the guest at the party you get a brief meeting with them and leave in the middle of the conversation. I don't know if the Europeans feel this way about the past Ezio Assassins games but for once i can comment historically which this game prides itself on it sucked! The game does nothing beyond showing you Ben Franklin, George Washington, Paul Revere ect in more of a quick hi how are you today moment. Washington was called the indispensable man for a reason the creators weren't working from nothing most of the founders wrote strange things called books that detailed their philosophies on everything not just politics Valley Forge made Washington and his army really great fighters the plot just stuffs Conner there to say Hi and I'll do x and y for you sir and then that's it it never covered how or why this low one of other low points in Washington's career made them stronger and better you just were in and out very terrible.

Characters were so poorly introduced that my friend who was playing it commented during the meeting before Paul's ride goes, " Where is Paul Revere " and I said, " That guy who kept grabbing you...that was him." and she goes, " What? THAT'S Revere I was waiting for him to show up." She couldn't recognize him and I only recognized him after the lantern comment they should've fleshed himout over the plot there was more to him then the guy who raced around shouting the British are coming....

The plot does nothing to help those playing it know what the heck is going on for events children who have yet to learn these events just blaze right through them for instance you needed to know that New York had a great fire in order to understand why half the town was burnt down, the Boston Massacre is a news print only, the whole game proceeded as the players need to know what these main or sub events are and then you'll know where you are in time if you didn't know this its just a place in an unknown time.

We also don't get to go to all 13 colonies or even Philadelphia! Philli contributed alot to the colonies and PA in general yet NY is highlighted it was famous for being attacked by the British yet no attack happens in game. Instead I get to go to NY, MA, Davenport, and the frontier while my assassins get to go to all the colonies again!!!! Why the hell are my assassins going to these places and not me? They should've done at least the original 13 to allow the players to travel to them all and do things in them.

Where they went, what Conner participated in, and how they handled introducing the founders and equally just as important contributors to our nation was so poorly done the creators just shouldn't have done them at all. The founders they did show were like foot notes if that same with Paul Revere this wouldl've been a great time to go over how did these men get to these positions? Why did they feel this was their calling and for those who wrote on the subject the game developers could've read their books to figure this out. Basically this was a wasted opportunity by the ubisoft to really show who these men were.

I can see all the resources went into the frontier and the animals which are nice but compared to all the things they should've done with regards to the plots and figures in them it makes me feel cheated I get great forest and lively animals in exchange for poor plot and poor characterization.

There is no economy I've got 2 - 3 general stores per city at best where are my stores? Then I have to craft everything? And all I can do is spend my money on supplies, my ship, and crafting more things? I can't buy any sites or stores. The new menu system for weapons is bad I'm RB the equipment per each new battle!

This game is glitchy as hell!!! I swear if I made a youtube video on all the glitches I'd kill tons of people via laughter its so bad! I get stuck in rocks, my horses change color litterly everytime I call a horse I get a new color! I leave a brown one and then I call and a white one shows up or a mangy one or a skinny one really wtf? The patriots are reskined redcoats with the same bad attitude considering I'm singlehandedly getting bases for them they shouldn't care what I do so long as I don't kill them in droves!

Animal glitches galore I've got gravity defying cougars I toss it off a cliff and it comes back up said cliff to toss me off of it! Dead npcs don't stay dead they'll hop up and take up arms then remember they died and fall over again! Horse carts phase through walls, dead things float in mid air, dead animals rise, my horse of the Apocalypse its got glowing green eyes, on and on and on not to mention don't beat the game before you've found all your homestead villagers the game assumes you no longer want to find them!

Conner himself is a brick I've got no connection to him and hope ubi doesn't see fit to keep going with his character. All the Native American voice actors sound bored and like they were recording their lines in an abandoned indoor swimming pool, they're very monotone with 1% inflection (if that) and they kind of sound like they don't want to be there especially the children, Connor, and Izo.

Starting off with the Britishman sucked for 6 hours I'm like who the heck are you? Why am I not Connor? Why should I care about you at all? Someone walked in on me playing this game and went, " Is this the 3rd Assassins? Is that Connor?" and I'm like no its so and so and I think he's an assassin but they aren't really saying, he's got the blades so he must be, he's in an order, and he's in America to do stuff for the order, and I think they finally got the point that the big A on all their stuff really works against them being a secretive society but that's all I know and I don't know where Connor is and I want to fast forward onto Connor now.

I thought being stuck in Constantinople and Rome was bad now I've got tons of glitches, poor plots, and poor writing that believe it or not is overshadowing the things I didn't like about the last ones. It's a pretty time sync the environments are very nicely done, the weather is cool, the frontier is vast and sprawling and you feel like you really are in the deep woods, animals are cool they're interactive, the level of details in the villages and towns is cool , I love the navel missions and battles they're perfectly done, but I've got all the above that give me problems with enjoying the game so much so I'm really thinking I wasted my money.