View Full Version : Rope Dart Upgrade Pouch 1... Issue Solved(for the newcomers about this issue)

11-05-2012, 11:55 PM
I asked a question, I got my response today and here it is for all the people that are wandering about this

Unfortunately, the first level pouch doesn't offer an immediate upgrade in capacity. You have to keep going (you may not have the recipe yet) and then the capacity will increase. Sorry for the confusion and have a great day!

The way I look at it, that it shouldn't be like this, It never this way in any of the other games that had upgrades in it. It's like saying we're gonna charge you for a weapons upgrade, but it won't be an immediate upgrade that doesn't increase your ammo capacity, until you get the 2nd & 3rd upgrade then it will upgrade said capacity"End Rant" Sorry had to get that off my chest.