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11-05-2012, 11:56 AM
Am I only one who is really disappointed in assassination side missions? In AC2 and ACB (+ templar agent assinations) they were great. Every mission had it's own story or supported remotely main story. They were all unique and you had to use different approach to kill target. i loved to do different missions allover again and again with different stealth approaches. But in AC3 you just walk up to one guy. he doesn't say anything and targets pop up on your map. All targets are just random guys walking in the street. There is actually no challenge or interest in killing them. And after finishing the main story assassination missions are totally pointless, because there are no more redcoats and usually when I get to the target, bluecoats are already fighting with my target. I usually just stand there, do nothing and when bluecoats kill my target so called "mission" is completed :nonchalance:

compared to the previous games it's really lame. Ubisoft spent 3 years perfecting game and that is best they can do for assassination side missions?:mad:

11-05-2012, 06:20 PM
Yes, I agree. Now there is no difference between letter delivery and assassination, only you press X button, not B. I was so disappointing with this that now I am replaying AC2. Every mission has a story - we know WHO and WHY we are going to kill, we need to get to the pigeons to get a contract, some missions are hard (like to kill three guys without being detected). All these changes make the world of AC3 really a world inside a machine, and not a real one. In AC2 I could actually believe I was in Italy, here it is just a matrix-type simulation.
Also this Connor character looks even more like a sociopath serial killer to me, he kills some pretty random people without any explanation whatsoever. They are templars - go and kill them!!! Gee, for a game designed for a mature audience this approach to treat templars as some fantasy goblins, an evil race when no justification for killing is ever needed, is lame. Especially after terrific AC2-ACB-ACR.

11-05-2012, 06:33 PM
Conner is driven by justice and when he sees wrong doing (or hears about it), he acts accordingly. It is implied early on that Conner has learned all about Ezio's story (probably not to the detail that we know) and so it is not unbelieveable that he doesn't want what happened to Rome happen in America. I'd say that is motive enough to stop the Templars at all cost.

But I do agree that too much of the context of the story and it characters is put into readable lore anc backstories rather than cutscenes and such.

11-05-2012, 06:42 PM
How difficult could that be - for Connor to have a place to get contracts, to actually READ a letter explaining who the bad guy is and why he has to be stopped, and only then to go and kill them. It was a point for me in AC2 not to kill some anonymous person except in an open conflict, but to learn their names and their crimes. It was ethical, and not just some contract killing for money. It felt like justice. Here it feels like a killing spree. For a game so much concerned with ethical issues like racial relations and slavery a switch to a completely unethical behavior feels like a contradiction in a concept.

11-05-2012, 06:43 PM
I was realy disspointed too...
but if you try doing all the main mission 100% sync it's hard,trust me,I tried one and it's hard..
in the side mission...MEH.
too easy,even the forts don't take too much focus,before anyone cathes up to you,you can sprint to your target and make a runaway...