View Full Version : Thoughts on "Head in the Cloud"? [spoilers]

11-05-2012, 10:24 AM

To those whom have beat AC3 and have done the pivot part...

What do you think of that? What exactly does it mean by the Animus being synced to the Cloud? Since Desmond died could his brain or DNA or whatever have been put in the Animus and backed up into the a cloud save of some sort?

Do you all think the cave where the present took place is one big Animus itself? I mean there had to have been something special about it, besides it being where Desmond sacrified himself to keep the world from ending, right?

IDK, I would just like to here everybodys thoughts on it.

11-10-2012, 08:27 AM
I don't think that Desmond is dead, but it is probably like before, I mean just after he killed Lucy. I think that Desmond thought that Juno might compel him to harm his friends, so he ordered them to evacuate. My reasoning for believing that Desmond is still alive is simple. Abstergo couldn't use, or communicate with Subject 16 after they killed him, (unless he wanted to communicate) but someone gave Desmond instructions to hack the animus and then proceeded to upload his genetic memories to "the cloud". My guess is that Abstergo has him now. They could have used his father's extracted memories to track him back to the precursor site and recover him, and maybe the cloud is the server they connect to the animus network to train their initiates. I am pretty sure that he will return in the next game, and I hope (forgive me for getting a bit off subject) that it will focus on early 1900's, with Nikola Tesla as the inventor friend of a new Assassin. It would fit with subject 16's messages.