View Full Version : Disappointed. (Spoilers)

11-05-2012, 01:25 AM
I don't usually express myself in this way, and I understand that you can't please everyone, but Ubisoft needs to know that I am one that isn't pleased. I am disappointed with Assassin's Creed 3. I created this account solely to outline my reasons why I am angry at this installment. Administrators feel free to delete my account after reading this. I won't be having a discussion or using your forums.

I do not see any 'improvements' to the Free-Running aspect of the game. I understand that it must be difficult making it seem 'free' while still giving only certain paths to climb, but I honestly don't see any improvements to it. On that note, whoever suggested, seconded, then programmed the memory sequence "Chase Hickey" should never be listened to again.

"Chase Hickey... ok cool.... so how many loops do I chase him for before something happens?... OK! 10 minutes of this is just BULL! OH great so youtube says tackle the guy, but I can't even get close! WONDERFUL! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" I understand that is a failure of ability to play the game on my part, but seriously what were you thinking with that sequence?

I honestly don't like the new combat system. Give me back full control of my assassin please. While the new system is easy to get the hang of, I'm quickly bored with how easy it is to win fights once adjusted to how it works. On a plus, the new archetypes make the fights last a little bit longer than previous games, and the larger group numbers is pleasing as well.

Really not impressed with the amount of "go here - half the map away - have a cut scene conversation - go back to where you started - another cut scene conversation - then run half way across the map again" all just because Norris is a timid little child. (That's just the most obvious example that sprang to mind) I know that the previous games were short, but this is not a cool way of making it longer.

The only thing I actually enjoyed about this game was the sailing. For that I will sing your praises. The only thing I would like to see added to the sailing would be the ability to have an open sand box type of map where I could sail around exploring and fighting off privateers. That improvement would make the sailing simply perfect in my opinion.

I enjoyed the story, it was interesting and kept me intrigued.

The majority of my issue with this game is the free running was claimed to be improved and I don't see any changes. Even after adjusting to the new "tells" for climbable walls, the free running is still quite frustrating, coupled with the new "lazy-system" of fighting makes me mad when you force me to chase people and bobcats and bored when I can't gather a large enough group of enemies to slaughter.

Thank you for a good effort I hope to see more Assassin's Creed games for a long time to come. Fear not, I shall continue to buy collector's editions.