View Full Version : Why Ubisoft??????

11-04-2012, 11:51 PM
Why would you ppl release a game with SOO many bugs and glitches why????? i'm really trying to like the game and i am enjoying the story, but the game play is driving me CRAZY. the fighting doesn't play as fluid as the other games, some times i want to attack and the character dont do anything!!!! i try to run and jump and the guy just falls off. in the cut scenes some times the mouths DONT MOVE and the ppl in the crowds get stuk in loops. i kill some one and they just vanish. everything thats keeping me from enjoying the game COULD have been solved with a little more polish. i will NOT be picking up this game again until u guys decide to release a couple of more patches. i had my doubts about getting this on day one and clearly i made the wrong choice.:mad: