View Full Version : Desmond's Content Scaled Back During Development? [SPOILERS]

11-04-2012, 10:38 PM
To me, the entire Desmond content of the game was extremely disappointing. I wanted answers, I wanted a larger amount of gameplay as Dezzy, I wanted a story for him that made sense. But instead we get a cheap cliffhanger. So here, I'll present four reasons why Desmond's content might have been cut during production of the game.

1. During production, we heard the split between Connor and Dezzy would be about 80-20. Yet, we play as Desmond for MAYBE two hours. The Connor segment of the game seems to take about forty hours for all the content. Two out of forty doesn't seem like 80-20 to me. It's likely his amount of gameplay time was split during production.
2. We were promised payoff for Desmond's story, and answers to our questions. Did we get this? No. Maybe that was a lie though, so don't quote me on this one.
3. The ending feels like it came from nowhere. What happened to us seeing Juno and Minerva outside the van at the end of Revelations? What happened to the blue on Desmond's arm that showed he had a connection with the Apple?
4. This is undoubtedly my biggest piece of evidence that they cut out some of Dezzy's gameplay: the achievements. If I remember correctly, they were these:
Rude Awakening - Reenter the Animus.
Criss Cross - Complete "Skyscraper".
Daddy Dearest - Complete "Stadium".
The End Is Nigh - Complete "Abstergo."
These don't seem to fit any of the missions to me, minus Criss Cross. Desmond reentered the Animus in peaceful terms, so why does it say rude awakening? William doesn't even appear in Stadium. And they mention nothing about the solar flare disaster in Abstergo. Yet, the names of the achievements don't lie.

So there it is. Definitely not conclusive proof they canned some of Dezzy's gameplay, but definitely something to think about.