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11-04-2012, 10:36 PM
I thought we could make a thread where we post things we found out you can do which the game doesn't tell you about at all/gives no notifications about. I'll start off:
-The war clubs can be thrown, you can throw them by pressing the tool button when you have them drawn. This way you can either use them as a throwing weapon or use it to unequip your bigger weapon.
-You can kill civilians/non-enemies, you just have to lock onto them and then you can use weapons/tools on them.
-You can pull someone closer with the rope dart and then assassinate them instead of hanging them. When you're on the ground Connor will use his hidden blade (also seen him use his tomahawk once), when you're perched on something (a beam, tree branch or even a fence) he will choke them out once they're close enough by pulling them up a bit (if you then let go of the tool button he'll just let them drop). Neither of these costs you any rope darts meaning you can do them without losing any.

Add your own and/or discuss/ask questions! ^^

Angreh Penguin
11-04-2012, 11:28 PM
Every "unique" blending spot with pedestrians (ones where connor mimics them, ie sitting up on a fence with them, sitting down with the homeless people in the alley, etc) has a unique assassination animation you can do when a guard gets close

Counter kills are contexual sometimes (shoving them off ledges, into walls, breaking tables, etc)

You can kill 2 guards with 1 arrow if you line them up. Might be a glitch since it doesn't work sometimes

You can kill a deer wth 1 arrow if you aim for its neck

Holding X or square with the hidden blades while walking into enemies will make Connor continue to kill them all in succession until they're all dead or you're caught

Assassinating people with fists equipped will choke them out and won't count as a kill. Use this for the mission where the optional objective is to not kill any guards and disable the canons while you're playing as Haytham. This also works any time you can "assassinate", ie corner kills, air assassinations, etc. The guard will be knocked out and won't count as a kill

If you disarm with your fists equipped and have no dagger/sword/blunt weapon/heavy weapon on you, you will take your enemy's weapon

11-05-2012, 07:48 AM
You can kill rats.....just by stepping on them. I had a rat massacre in boston.