View Full Version : Possible kraken/loch ness easter egg

11-04-2012, 02:15 PM
Found something mysterious! Yesterday I was just messing around in the frontier during winter. I was walking past a lake and it was doing the white fog/snow thing it sometimes does in winter. I was hunting b.eavers if that might have anything to do with it. In the lake of in the distance I saw something moving shaped like the loch ness monster:

Immediately I thought this was either: A. a b.eaver with its tail up (Strange) B. Kraken or monster of loch ness easter egg or C. A fallen over tree
So I get excited and swam towards it, it seemed to be moving (not because of the camera, actually moving on its own) so I could rule C out. When I got close however it dived down and was gone. I swam back to the shore and waited to see if it would come out again but it didn't. Any of you guys seen something similair? Perhaps some could try to replicate it? I'm going to see which hunting region/lake it was later.