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11-04-2012, 12:51 PM
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I'm half way through the game now. I have around 9 hours of gameplay on my clock and I'm in sequence 9 right now.

While roaming through New York I recognized so many issues I just had to write this because as sad as it is, all this things forced me to put the controller down and stop playing the game for now. Every issue for itself is not a big deal, I saw that in many other games, but all together they break it for good.

This is what I experienced so far. I play the german Xbox version (patch installed):


Framerates (Not measured of course but it feels like it's never going over 20fps)
The camera is an absolute mess. It feels like that in 50% of all fights the camera get stuck behind something. Trees, Tents, House, Horses, other people. You name it.
Audio of conversation get's silent (almost mute) very often. It's not possible to follow conversations without subtitles enabled. And that's not because the speaker or I am moving somewhere. It just happen while we stand face to face.
Constant clipping issues. E.g.
Tracing posters are inside walls. You would never see them if they wouldn't sparkle
People walk through each other, animals walking through fences etc. etc. etc.
Connor stands inside ledges and other things peaking out of buildings.
Whole branches go through my body while running through the woods
Frozen NPCs. Sometimes an NPC just stands in the middle of a fight and does nothing. Even soldiers...
Interaction with objects doesn't work (I had this with posters, I stood on front of it. It did his thing, sparkling and stuff... But I couldn't rip it off the wall. I wasn't hunted anymore so it should have worked. And it basically did because another poster worked as expected. And beside that, why are these posters not on the map anymore?
Popups (Objects appear and even worse disappear randomly)
When told to follow people, conversations stop in the middle of the sentence if some checkpoint is reached and before the npc finished talking. I always feel like I miss something.
I had several freezes in the frontier sitting in a tree and moving the camera
Floating objects all over the place. Books, Weapons, Shot canon balls! They just stopped mid air because a cut scene kicked in.
Horses get stuck on small rocks. Connor get stuck on turfs and other low level things.
Climbing rocks works most of the time but it's absolutely not clear where Connor can climb and where he can't


Cutscenes have only a little to do with the stuff that happens before. One extreme example is where you have to reach a certain person. You ride through a war area. People fleeing, shooting all around. You reach your target and... nothing. No shooting, no other people... All gone, from one second to the other. Nothing of this can be influenced by the player, so why doesn't game and cut seen match up?
Weather doesn't match up most of the time
Why do I wear different clothes during the naval missions and why am I the captain? When did Connor qualify for that? During that five minute ride to get some canons? ;-)

More general things that are not really bugs but more annoyances that where solved in previous titles

Almost nothing is explained how it works.
What are forts and what am I supposed to do?
How can I recrute new assassins? There are a myriad of liberation missions but unlike the previous titles I don't get anything from doing them. No new recruits no status update, nothing. So what's the point here?
Sometimes I get detected in the cities for no reason. I'm incognito and walk (not running, not in a red zone or anything) along a street when out of a sudden the guards attack me. The cities are so crowded with this guys that this means I just wait for them to kill me so I can restart and try again. This is probably not a bug but on the other hand I'd like to know why this happens, but as it doesn't get explained...
I'm no fan of the new combat system. Not because I think it's bad or something but after 4 entire games someone decided to create a new button scheme!? O_o
The optional misson targets are way to prominent. They are on screen so often, it seems like they are all that matters.
The fast travel system is a little odd. Say I want to travel from somewhere in the frontier to Boston. I have to travel to the "Bosten" marker (loading), I get into the game, I have to turn around walk a few seconds a than I have to confirm I want to go to Boston. Which I already did a few seconds ago. And on top of that I get a loading screen again. Why can't I just go to Boston without this 30 seconds of wasted time?

After all this game seems unfinished to me. I wonder how it worked before the day 1 patch. The really sad part is, that all this issues where not existing in the previous parts. I never had framerate issues with AC1, AC2, ACB or ACR. Sure, there where clipping bugs but never that bad as in this installment. All games always explained anything to the player and if you did anything that was marked on the map something happend. You got feedback to what you did. Now, I have to guess.

I really have a problem getting immersed in this game like I was with all other titles from this series. It's sad because I feel it's same thing bioware did to Mass Effect with the third game.

Right now for me AC3 ruined an epic series because it got rushed and wasn't finished. Or at least was trying to do so many things differently than before that the soul of the series get lost (or assassinated if you will) on the way.

I know, that most of the things above will never get fixed. But I hope that at least the technical issues will be addressed, so I can enjoy the game without thinking I play a buggy beta version all the time.

11-04-2012, 12:52 PM
uhhh, just put it in the feedback, im sick of looking at these.

11-04-2012, 02:12 PM
First thanks for this warm welcome. Glad to see that the AC community is so nice and comforting.

Secondly, than don't look at these. I mean, the thread topic wasn't that misleading was it?

And third, could some moderator please move this to the feedback forum/thread then. I could copy it there too but I don't want double post.


11-04-2012, 02:24 PM
Yah I feel yah on the bugs. No excuses but it shouldn't deter you from playing.

11-04-2012, 02:52 PM
I think it won't for too long. I have to know how it all ends. ;-)

It's just that I got really frustrated with all this issues this game has. I know nothing is perfect and every game has bugs. Hell, I concept and code applications for a living. So no offense here.

I just don't get how this could possibly get ever released in this form. As I wrote, it's not a particular issue that breaks it for me. It's the sheer amount of them. Things that never where a big deal in the four games before.

Talking about it, I forgot one really bad bug that was already mentioned a lot here. That hump Desmond has in the cave? Seriously, how could that possibly been overlooked when the game was tested?

I know, I sound whiny and yes I am right now. It's just because this game hurts me a little. I was so psyched about it. I preordered the collector's edition the day it was announced. I waited months like most of the people here. I tried to catch every little information from the devs.
Eventually I got the game on release day and started playing right away. And than I experienced the things I mentioned above. I'm a big fan of the series and it doesn't deserve this ending. I don't that intense player. Investing more than 10 hours into a game is a big commitment from my side. I was fooled already this year with a really bad ending of an otherwise epic trilogy. So maybe I'm a little on the huffy side with this. So, sorry if anyone is bored with this threads and whiny people like me. All I'm saying is, that people have a reason for doing so.

I'm not saying this to get your sympathy. I just say it for you to understand better why I feel like this. I don't want to bash the game. And I know that there many people here who doesn't have problems and will say that I have no right to talk this way, because I just registered here. I can take that. ;-)