View Full Version : AC3: Ubisoft, PLEASE FIX CONNOR'S HOOD!!!!

11-04-2012, 07:58 AM
I absolutely love assassins creed. I have the assassins creed logo tattooed on my shoulder. I have played all of the games, and have very little if any problems with any of them. But one of the MAJOR problems I have with the newest and arguably the best installment of the assassins creed franchise, is that once the story line for Assassin's Creed 3 is completed and players continue the post story play-through, Connor Kenway's hood on his standard assassin's outfit is down, and remains down permanently, without any possible way to put it back up. This was an enormous disappointment for me to see such an famous icon from the assassins creed franchise removed. All of the assassins creed games have the post story play-through however none of the other assassins creed games remove the hood from the main characters head. To many people the white hood is make make assassins assassins. It's so iconic that when people see a white hood they are immediately reminded of the famous assassins from the ubisoft games. So i think it would be a great gift to everyone to create a patch in the game or an option to have the hood up or down, or even have an "Assassin's Outfit (hood raised)" outfit in he Uplay rewards menu like the Ezio outfit. There is actually a petition circulating on change.com to have this amended. http://www.change.org/petitions/assassin-s-creed-3-fanbase-get-ubisoft-to-allow-toggling-on-off-of-connor-s-hood. Please give this issue great consideration. Fixing it would be a grea gift to assassins creed fans everywhere.thank you!!