View Full Version : People complaining about the Hood why not just use Achilles outfit?

11-04-2012, 07:12 AM
since the Hood is always on

Best looking outfit in the game easily
Has a lot of meaning and its basically your duty to wear it after you get it

Homestead missions are fun to do anyway , I spent a couple hours doing them right before the final 5 missions cause it was just so much fun watching the homestead grow and interacting with the characters.

11-04-2012, 07:18 AM
Because some may prefer Connor's original outfit to Achilles'

I know I do...at least, from what I've seen of gameplay using both I prefer Connor's. Achilles' is awesome and really awesome but I think I prefer Connor's a bit more.

I actually like the idea of running around without a hood but I wish they made a patch so when you choose his outfit you select it to equip it and then it could say something like "Press A to equip hooded version, Press X to equip hoodless version)

Something like that.

11-04-2012, 07:20 AM
Yea but some people act like it ruins the game and trust me once you get the outfit and see the scenes you will change your mind

11-04-2012, 09:11 AM
Right now I'm not wearing any other outfits but the default one because they all have something wrong with them.

All of the color variants for the default outfit don't show up in cutscenes despite the fact that it looks like they're trying to.

Achilles' outfit mysteriously removes the Quiver.

And if the Native American outfit really exists, my problem with it is that I don't have it yet.

PS3 btw.

11-04-2012, 09:28 AM
Best looking outfit in the game easily

That's highly debatable. People don't like it when you state opinions as facts.

11-04-2012, 09:51 AM
And if the Native American outfit really exists, my problem with it is that I don't have it yet.
You can get the clothes Connor wears as a teen, by finding all the feathers in the frontier. Unless you mean some other one of which I am unaware?

11-04-2012, 09:55 AM
Yea but some people act like it ruins the game and trust me once you get the outfit and see the scenes you will change your mind

But it does -- it removes one of the single most iconic visuals that has been with the series since the first game -- the white, eagle beaked hood. I'm not saying whether the story or not makes sense for the hood to be down and I'm sure it does as I'm certain it was their reasoning that whatever happens with Connor is why it stays down...but that doesn't change the fact that it gets rid of one of the most iconic visual features of the series.

Like I said...they should have just gone with a way to put the hood on/off somehow (perhaps in the inventory)

I like to see the Assassin in their full glory, be it Altair, Ezio, Connor or Desmond which is why I'm excited to (hopefully) play as Desmond with the hood up finally (no spoilers please...) but yeah.

I'm not content with using an outfit I don't like as much to get the hood back...I should be able to wear that classic feature with I believe my third favorite outfit in the series (Behind Brotherhood Ezio, then ACII Ezio, but before Revelations Ezio I believe)

Once I actually get Connor's Assassin outfit and then get the white/red only variant I believe I'll be able to truly judge if I like it more than the Revelations outfit or not. But yeah...it's a fantastic outfit and it sucks that after the game you can't put it back up. Did Brotherhood have the most outfits btw? There was the standard outfit plus all the armors you can get (Seusenhoffer was the best armor in the entire series and the only one that really looks cool IMO), Armor of Altair, Armor of Brutus, Desmond, Raiden, Medici cape, Florentine Noble Attire, and maybe one or two more? Revelations didn't have that many and the ones it DID have were mostly bulky and did not appear like it'd be even remotely practical to free run in...that includes Old Altair's robes as well. Plus from the sounds of it..a lot of the "outfits" in this game are equivalent to the dyes of ACII-ACR and the only actual outfits comparable to the special armors and unlockable outfits of the previous games appear to be Ezio's from Uplay, 2 that you can only get with a collectors edition or can get one of them depending on where you pre-ordered, then like maybe 1-3 others? Achilles, Captain Kidd's and a native outfit I believe? I really wish they had gone all out with this installment plus Altair's I believe. But I'm a bit disappointed with the outfits (I think)...for starters I missed out on the Colonial Assassin outfit because I opted for Best Buy which got me the steelbook case and it appears to be one of the best ones in the game. The Aquila outfit is meh and you get it for naval missions anyway, Achilles is okay but looks like a not AS cool version of Connor's IMO, then the rest I haven't seen. Then the fact that it sounds that Desmond isn't even a skin which seems so freaking stupid considering this is supposed to be the game that ties up his story or at least the first time Desmond is taking on a bigger physical role in the game. But shouldn't he have had two skins in this game seeing as he was a skin in ACII, ACB, AND ACR? One similar to the training sequence or to the skins from the previous games where the hood is down, and one with the hood up?

Oh well...so far the gameplay seems great but again...I'll be stopping before Sequence 12 until they fix the hood issue.

P.S. I'm sure they'll just wait til the Tyranny of Washington DLC to have Connor pull the hood back up. Makes sense to me. Like they'll let you chill out without the hood but then when the DLC comes out, you can put it back up.

11-04-2012, 10:17 AM
Yea but some people act like it ruins the game and trust me once you get the outfit and see the scenes you will change your mind

Ahh, everyone has a different opinion man. If you like Achilles outfit better than that's cool, you can play with that one. But me personally and I'm sure a lot of others prefer Connor's outfit much more. Especially with the hood. Please patch this Ubi! :)

De Filosoof
11-04-2012, 01:15 PM
You wanna know why?

I can't get the Achilles outfit because of a glitch where it just stops giving me homestead missions
(nowhere to be found anymore in Boston, New York or the frontier).