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11-04-2012, 06:19 AM
The one thing that AC3 needs that skyrim added into the modern rpg and yes ac3 is in many aspects a rpg is that they had random missions added forever. Create in the homestead next to the manor as well as next to the dock a random mission generator. Create in the DNA sequence for "after" game completion a new icon just like for the pivot points but make it OFFLINE which contains list of different types of random missions. for naval missions make it something like 25% chance an hour to create a small fleet 15% for medium and 10 for hard and 5% for super harde. Have these random missions effect the navel trade routes so it makes it so people who use navel convoys have to do these missions or potentially lose profit from pirates perhaps having the navel forts you have to take out come back with a + beside it creating a seperate field so that way it does not effect your synch rate in the dna so people can do both fleet and fort missions after the game is done not just redo missions that have already been done which well it is never random in any way so it gets BORING. For Land create military trade convoys to attack and raid. create other indian tribes that fight you as well as the soldiers just like they did in revelations. That would make the frontier much more realistic. Not having any other indians out in the frontier in the 1700s sorry its something the game is missing. ANY other suggestions on different things that could be added.

11-04-2012, 06:20 AM
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