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11-04-2012, 04:51 AM

don't wish to offended anyone so don't read if you don't like it ? .

I am so ANGRY. I have never been this angry over a game. I wasn't even going to buy ac3 after revelations. But I wanted to see what happened to Desmond. WTF!!.
You tease us in the game with Shaun saying to Desmond that they could try going back to the first civ after this was all over. Then bang he dead. You then at the end of the game have Juno and Minerva both argue for and against setting her free , but. Don't even let us pick , why? . Then the fact that up to this point in the game they have no way of saving the world. Even when Minerva and a group of her kind couldn't stop the flare back in their day but , dont worry in 2012 because Juno is here???????
I must of missed something but how could Juno after being in stasis for thousands of years suddenly save the earth , on her own.
The parts of the game where a played Desmond where the best parts of the game for me. Connor felt like you made him just to fill out the game. I hate Connor. I am just so angry by the way you finished desmond . And just hope you. Don't g and do something where your going to play as another future assassin who is going back in time to find away to fight Juno.

So anyway here my minor flaws.
-reusability. Why couldn't we use the boat again I won't get into this to much as I've seen other posts about it.
-reusability. Why can't we replay desmond missions?. I understand that it would screw with the whole story thing, but after he's dead we get to play as connor in the animus.

After Juno escaped was she like "hmmm let's put desmond in this primitive , expensive animus that they never took with them when they left for some reason, for the hell of it before I kill him and enslave the planet".

And Minerva is meant to be smart. The option of letting the planet burn is a better one. The humans are more advanced than they where thousands of years ago when you let them Off their leash. And you already let them survive after the last flare in hope they would manage to build a defence. Yes they didn't they fought the Templars and assassins. But what's wrong with second chances? Or third? Or fourth?.

I am just so angry and disappointed when every I even think about the ending of the game I get seriously upset, which some people might thing is sad , but I've been playing this game since I was 10 . I grew up with ubisoft and the prince of Persia. And I feel cheated So sad. I wish I never bought ac3 and just left the game with revelations wondering if Desmond ever saved the world. Literally crying awhile ago , sad I know.

Am not even going to try multiplayer , I am selling the game . And hoping to put this all behind me. Well done you managed to **** on a amazing series Once again.

11-04-2012, 04:53 AM
Spoilers damm it -_-

And there is feedback thread..

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I love you, you love me, let's all be a family.

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