View Full Version : Obvious [SPOILERS]: What are your theories for the story of the next game?

11-04-2012, 03:22 AM
Just throw you random thoughts in this one. All your speculations, etc. I couldn't find any thread for this, so yeah.

My thoughts.

-I think desmond could be alive, as a digitalised form simmiliar to Juno and Minerva, we really don't know what this device did to him and how it worked.

-Maybe the Assassins and Templars start working together, the story showed us imho that neither of both paths was perfect. And maybe they find some kind of combination of both their belives.

-Minerva will guide whoever you play.

This are just some of my thoughts, how about you guys what do you think will the next game look like story wise?

11-04-2012, 03:44 AM
Desmond will return in some weird spirit way or whatever I think. But it will definetly be about the Assassin's trying to stop Juno from taking control and a new person in 2012 using the animus for various reasons.
Or perhaps the world has alreayd been controlled by Juno and she has enslaved humans, and you play as the last Assassin left after Juno's taken control and he (or she) will have to use the animus to go back and find out what to do to stop Juno and with the guide of Desmond (in the animus or someother spirit form) to help them. Maybe like they have to go activate all the temples to stop her or something that will lead the character across the globe during this new rule. Think it'd be really fun considering how much I liked the AC3 2012 missions.