View Full Version : (Semi-spoilers) Bug and other issues that bother me

11-03-2012, 10:31 PM
First of all, there is a bug with the double holster. The game keeps replacing your second pistol with the default pistol each time you end up in a loading screen, and says you have acquired one weapon. Now I'm stuck with double barrel pistol and the default one. I can only carry two double barrels in Homestead, as long as I don't get into a loading screen.

Second, all the trailers gave the idea there will be massive battles, but these don't exist. I really expected to be able to get through enemy lines (as shown in the E3 trailer), but this mission was completely different in the final game. The game engine is said to be able to support a few thousand NPCs on field at once, but even at best, you can get to around 50.

Third, the gameplay previews have a mission where Connor assassinates Silas, this mission also does not exist, instead he is killed by Haytham (which gives me the idea Haytham's story was added after E3). There is also a task where Connor delivers meat to someone, this also does not exist. Actually, does any of the missions shown in gameplay trailers exist in the final game?

I really feel like too much of the content was cut from the final game.