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Homestead Missions

At Sequence 5, Achilles introduces you to the Homestead. This is UBISOFTS equivalent in Assassin's Creed 3 to the Fallout Franchises homes. It's a large home up on the side of a mountain. This is an upgradable location in which you can craft things, farm food, mine ore, harvest lumber, and create unique weapons.

During the course of the gameplay, some sequences and quests give you new and unique crafting objects. One that I will mention, because there are A LOT, is Benjamin Franklines Kite and Key. During the gameplay as you collect the Almanac Pages (as you see in Earlier Sequences,) it will unlock craftable Ben Franklin Inventions. To create these objects you'll need to Complete Sequence 6 in which Achilles shows you about the book in the Homestead. This book is also in each and every General Store in New York and Boston.

It's important that while you complete sequences, if you're interested in the Homestead that you return to the homestead often to complete the missions. Not all of the homestead missions are in the Homestead however. If you complete them all and there's no more, Check Boston and New York. There is 1 homestead mission in Each City.
Each time you complete a homestead mission you will either unlock a new person on the homestead, There are many people to get. Like the Lumber harvesters you get during the regular gameplay.

In each sequence you will unlock certain things to craft, also found in chests around the gameworld you will find New things to craft as well.

Liberation Missions

Liberation Missions are the crucial factor in Unlocking new assassins to join you. Similiar to Ezios Recruits in prior games. They can be called upon in missions to help you. There are 6 total to obtain with 6 areas to master. 3 areas in New York and 3 in Boston. The Liberation missions are significantly easier to obtain than the Almanac Pages. I found the Almanac Pages to be rather difficult as they always fly the wrong way and when I miss them, So does my PS3 Controller.

The First Liberation Mission you come across is actually in a Sequence, I believe sequence 6 or 7. A Frenchman joins your ranks.
Just like prior games you can level them by calling them to your side in battle, or you can send them on missions across New England from Georgia up to Quebec Canada.

Not to spoil anything, There is about 10 liberation missions (They're not like quests) in each zone that you must complete before you can unlock your assassin friend.
With each new assassin you get a brand new ability that they can perform. The classic is Assassinate. Each time you call an assassin in, they come in to kill your targets and fight by your side until combat is over. There are others as you seen on the Trailer and gameplay features where they can surround you and provide a convoy to seem like they're redcoats and have captured you. This is great for if you have a 2 or 3 X wanted level. There are others, but you'll have to complete the liberation missions to find out!


Forts play an unusual role in Assassin's Creed 3, They aren't required to capture a location as they were in Past Assassin's Creed titles. Instead of capturing locations and burning a tower, forts play a different role. Liberation Missions are how you capture those zones now, where forts are totally different.

Forts provide a unique challenge to the player. If you liked Sly Stallone in Rambo. You can run the front gates of a fort and do the "Kill-em-all-let-god-sort-em-out." Perhaps Mission Impossible was more your style, you can sneak around and find a quiet way in and try to do things the sneaky more "Assassin's Creed" style.

Forts are not required to capture a complete zone, and some of the forts are used during Sequences. Also with forts, You're capturing them from the Redcoats and giving them to the Bluecoats (or amerian rebels)


Hunting is a really really cool feature in Assassin's Creed 3. Connor is Half British, Half Native-American. And you'll see the story if you play the game.
You learn how to hunt in one of the first sequences as Connor. But you only learn half of it. This is a sort of spoiler that you'll learn on your own during the course, but i'll tell you now.
Let's say you're rampaging about the Frontier and you see a Hare/Rabbit. The best choice is to pull a gun and snuff the thing. But each way you kill an animal in the world rewards a different way. For example, If you shoot a rabbit with a gun, it's pelt becomes tattered and the meat unusable. It will reward a much lower selling rate at General Stores and peddlers than if you manage to run down the rabbit and kill it with your hidden blade.
Ideally you want to run down every animal when you kill it, Or use a snare and bait to catch one. Animals Like Bears, Cougars, Bobcats, and Wolves can't be captured in Snares, but they can be sniped with a bow and arrow. Larger Animals like Elk and Bear can't be killed by Bow and Arrow so you have to take the more Terminator approach and get in there for the kill. They can be shot with the gun, but as I mentioned earlier. They do lose value on their rewards if they're shot as opposed to being cut by the Hidden Blade.

To run down a rabbit requires a good reaction time, It's not impossible to catch them.
There are dozens of animals, ******s, Cougars, bobcats, Bears, Wolves, hares, Elk, just to name a few that you will see rather often. Bobcats are actually some of the more rare of animal to find. Only in a few certain Areas.

Using the Minimap

When you Press Select on the Playstation 3, (Sorry Xbox fans I don't have it for XBox but you know what button to push.) to bring up the minimap. You will see a list on the left side of the screen.
One minimap for each kind of thing in the area. Liberation Missions if you're in Boston and New York, Hunting Zones if you're in the frontier, After sequence 12 you will see Animus Hacks, things like that.
It's important that if you're lost or confused to use the minimap. That's a no-brainer really, like telling a Warcraft player to ask a guard in a big city.
But there's more.
On the Minimap you can see locations of Viewpoints that you haven't been to, Feathers you haven't obtained, chests that you haven't looted, Almanac Pages you haven't chased.
On the hunting portion, It'll show you different zones that you've actually hunted in and what animals you caught in those zones. Most zones have between 4 and 6 animals you can hunt in each region.
With the Liberation Missions it'll zone all the other blips on the map out and show you only where the Liberation Contact is, and where the Liberation quests are. So you don't have to guess and just wander aimlessly through the incredibly large maps of New York and Boston.

In Closing

To conclude, I hope this clarifys many questions that a lot of players have been asking, if not. Feel free to send me a message. I tried not to drop any spoilers at all, but i'm sure there's one or two in there.

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great information here. thanks for taking the time writing all this down for us.

how many forts are there to take over?
if you take over a fort, does it stay friendly until the end of the game or does it change hands for any reason? ( i can assume that it stays friendly).
are these fort missions hard?

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If i'm on seq 10 and i missed an artisan from seq 6 can i replay 6 and get them? i've been trying to find this homestead mission that is supposed to be in boston for the miner and no joy. I've even replayed sequence 5 to get the lumber guys again and still no luck. Do i have to restart the game to get these guys, if not what am i doing wrong.:mad: