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11-03-2012, 05:18 AM
So I finished the game. Yep. To start with, I'll say I absolutely love it. I also assume you're reading this because you've finished the game yourself and there is nothing to spoil for you, so I'll be discussing some plot points. And that's the end of my bad introduction..


The story.

The fact is, Assassin's Creed 3 had a level of depth I honestly didn't expect. I simply cannot stop thinking what I experienced when playing through the story and now that it's ended, I'm feeling so many emotions. Connor in particular is the one I want to focus on, because, come on, we all know that Desmond's side lacked a little (especially the ending).

So, Connor. Yep. I've seen a lot of people complain he's not as charismatic or "awesome" as Ezio. And that's a bad thing, is it? Connor is far more believable as a hero. Ezio was a great big Gary Stu, if I'm perfectly honest. Connor felt real, I felt I could relate to him... But most of all, I feel like he really drew the short straw in the game and that plucked at a string somewhere in my cold heart. I feel sorry for him, you could say.

At the end, Connor's experience so much through the war. The morality of all sides seemed to be questioned at some point or other by him, yet he still chose to fight on the side of the Patriots because he believed in the freedom of the American people, despite knowing full well that these same people sought to drive his own Native Tribe from their homes, while the British seek to protect them. As the story progresses, you also discover the Templars aren't really supporting the British at all, in fact, when he meets his father, Haytham seems to suggest the exact opposite! They were fighting for the same cause! At one point, I even thought that Connor was going to merge his Assassin's faction into Haytham's Templars to end the feud for a common cause... That is, until Haytham dies, of course. Haytham, apparently annoyed at Connor's interference with the Washington assassination attempt and his grudge against Charles Lee, perhaps foolishly entered combat with his Son and as you all know it, died as a result.

So, Connor just killed his own Father, someone he had quite an interesting relationship with. And just before that? The Patriots tried to screw him. George Washington orders the destruction of his tribe to stop them supporting the loyalist cause, which directly led to Connor having to kill both Patriots AND his childhood friend to save them from certain destruction.

Yet, he persevered. He stuck by the Bluecoat side and helped to win the war. He killed Charles Lee, avenged his mother's death, all but wiped out the Templar threat and helped gain freedom for America.

And if he hadn't lost enough already, the new American government once again rewards him for his efforts by forcing his Tribe to move (they may have left willingly, I don't remember it clarifying this point too clearly), leaving him pretty much alone. Yet, as he stands before the Homestead Mansion, with the grave of his Mentor and Father-figure just down from him, Connor looks strangely satisfied.

Why? What for? This is what baffles me! Have we seen the end of Connor's story? I hope not, because I really feel like there's more to his life I WANT to know! Remember how in The Last Samurai, Tom Cruise finally finds "a small measure of peace"? I feel like Connor deserves that, but he doesn't get it! I simply cannot let this go, almost like some form of OCD. I'm certain there's something on Connor's mind that gives him hope for a better life for himself, yet there is simply no way of knowing what that is because in my mind, nothing could be further from the truth. I guess we'll need a new sequel to find out.


I guess I can go to a second point now, too. How will there be a sequel with Desmond dead(which I assume he is, at least)? This is mostly a few ideas I have that I would quite like to see:

1. Some form of Clone. With Desmond gone, someone new is needed to take over the memories and continue Connor's story. Sure, Desmond's father could do it, but he hardly seems like the ideal hero and besides, there's much more potential if we introduce a NEW one. So, I suggest artificial insemination. That, or, pulling out an heir out of an *** that stemmed from the result of a relationship before the first game. Either way, the result is that Desmond has a son (or daughter, which I think would be much more interesting), who has to be brought up in Juno's world. Why would they go into the animus? Who knows, there are potentially tons of reasons. Animosity, curiosity, being forced into it, necessity, etcetera.

2. An entirely new hero and bloodline. Sure, why not? I mean, I would kind of feel annoyed that Connor's story never got the finish I felt it deserves, but this is always a possibility. After all, there are limitless possibilities and although they don't exactly need to centred around Desmond's "main" plot, I'm sure the writers would think of something. Heck, maybe the animus isn't involved at all (though that would feel a little strange) and we're simply playing through the life of an actual Assassin, not simply puppeteering a memory of one.


The gameplay's next, I suppose. Note I'm not trying to review the game and I'm no professional at doing so.

I love it, as I've said before. The free-running is satisfying and fluid, especially the wilderness trees aspect. The combat is fast-paced and brutal. The stealth has been upgraded, which is my favourite part of this new game. I actually feel like I can be stealthy now! And finally, there's the sandbox aspect. The previous ones really didn't pull off the "free-form" world as much as Assassin's Creed 3.

Yet, as much as I enjoyed the game, I have this lingering doubt at the back of my head... Is this still Assassin's Creed? I don't know, maybe it's the new setting, the larger world size, the greater emphasis on side quests, exploration and the wilderness instead of Urban gameplay. Meh, maybe this is just me reacting strange to change because to be honest, I remember feeling similar things when I played Assassin's Creed II and comparing it to the first.

It isn't a perfect game, by all means, some aspects such as the Assassin's Guild thing that returns from Brotherhood and Revelations seemed entirely pointless to me and I don't even use it. And, going back to the story (kind of) the characters Connor meets certainly aren't as colourful as they were in II, or memorable, though they were a lot more real feeling. There's also a feeling of isolation in the game, though that is probably a good thing considering that you are, y'know, an Assassin. Still, the change feels strange. I do like the return to the first's game "key targets" with the longer death interactions, though, that's definitely a good thing.

I can't really think of much else to put. This has already gone way beyond TL;DR XD.


Some final nitpickings:

Dude, why can't I get Connor's hood back up after playing the game? At best, give us a six month time-skip where he regrows his hair from that ugly Mohawk style and give us the option to turn the hood on and off. At least, just the hood thing. :(

Second, got the official game soundtrack. You know that dynamic music that plays during fights and chases (especially in the frontier), which you probably recognize from the "Freedom Edition Unboxing" video. Yeah, where the heck is that? That's my favourite track in the entire game and it isn't even in the album. At least tell me where to find it, or what the name is. =(

11-03-2012, 09:34 AM
Agreed, This is by far the best Assassins creed yet, I hope they can expand on Connor and his struggle in a future game, I cant see why people can criticise the game except for a few glitches.

11-03-2012, 07:35 PM
People who are *****ing about conner and comparing him to ezio is stupid. They are totally different which is good, and if they weren't those people will be winging because they're to much the same lol..
I was touched by the humbleness of conner and friendly nature, yet loved the brutality of the kid, and man i felt sorry for him!. I want to see more conner for sure!!!!, and if ubi reads this, make sure we do!!!..
Also can anyone tell me?, juno is bad yer?, and pretty much for centuries she manipulated and used the assassins to get her on way??. I just want to hear another perspective on it all, as it is alot to take in lol.. But got to say Desmond is a dumb ***. If you read the emails he received from juno, you know she has daddy, i mean humanity issues.. I think the next AC will have either assassins working for juno under her rule, or templars, or both templars and assassins working together to stop her rule, because this ***** is gunna cause some heavy ****.. Excuse my poor spelling, it's 4 in the morning i just finished the game, and i felt like talking about it as ya do.

11-03-2012, 07:53 PM
I agree with you about Connor SO MUCH. I don't get what other people a whining about either, but perhaps that's because I never liked Ezio that much. Though, when it comes to storyline, I somehow feel we skipped over some things that would clarify other events in the game... but I guess that's just me since I was distracted or something. I agree with you about Connor's ending as well, that look of satisfaction is... confusing, to say at least.

I'm hoping the sequel'll have a First Civ-kinda setting. That'd be interesting.

11-03-2012, 08:42 PM
In the end when Connor stands by the grave, it's not Achilles' grave. It's Achilles' son's grave whom Connor was named after; Connor Davenport. When he sees the grave he finally realises why Achilles was so reluctant to train him as an assassin because he saw him as his son. Also the pain in his eyes showed that he was reflecting to everything that happened to him and that really showed he wasn't the same person he was in the beginning. I don't know why, but for me that's the most depressing scene in the entire game. :'(
Also, a Connor sequel is a must. Ubi said they'll wait to see how Connor is accepted so they can decide to make another game. UBI, please do this. PLEASE. This time people really love Connor and I'm sure no one will complain since we didn't get enough of him. They said they already have his story planned out for two more games and are just waiting to see the fans reception.
I must say, if Ubi pull this move, Connor's trilogy compared to Ezio's will be a true masterpiece in gaming history and Connor will really get the popularity he truly deserves. Ubisoft's biggest mistake will be if they don't make a Connor sequel.