View Full Version : where do i go to get more supplies and weapons?

11-02-2012, 08:25 PM
ive looked for stores but couldnt find any and i really want to use the rope dart

11-02-2012, 08:27 PM
Loot soldiers, they usually carry items. (I understand cartridges and tripmines, but no idea why they also carry all the other tools: Arrows and rope darts!? Seriously?? XD)
You could also just buy them in most stores under the "Consumables" section, you will have to unlock them first though.

11-02-2012, 08:35 PM
General Stores are marked on the map. Just pull up the map legend if you can't find them.

11-02-2012, 08:39 PM
ok i thought so but wasnt sure ive been so focused on the story i dont think ive bought anything yet. mk thanx guys!

11-02-2012, 08:43 PM
There are also mobile traiders.....marked on the map with a sign. They will sell you most stuff. They also buy items from you like hides, meat etc.