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11-02-2012, 07:56 PM
A couple of questions before Nov 20th NA release of ACIII:

A: We all know a preload will be available, but the question has'nt been asked correctly; WHEN or what date will the preload servers start releasing keys/offering preloads? .. The game is like 8-17gb im sure easy. Let us know when PC users will be able to start getting this game on our hard drives, even locked till release.. Some of us do not have high end BW available to get it release day in a timely manner. Preloads are necessary to ensure everyone can play on release at the time it unlocks.

B. There are a number of different outlets that are offering digital download of this game (Uplay Store/Amazon/Steam) : Is there any difference between the various distro's? If we buy from one.. Will that key work for another digital outlet; ALA: Buy from amazon, or uplay.. get key and enter in Steam to add to list? We need to know this aswell.. Very useful for alot of PC gamers waiting on the line.

C. Steam preorders still arent up yet, others are... If steam is a viable option for some, let us know! I know alot of folks that will wait for steam pre-orders to open up if they can have on their list and , like question B asks.. if we cant use those other keys on steam, will or would rather wait for the steam pre-order to open up to keep their library together.

D. Alot of PC gamers saw (im sure) the nvidia promo that if you bought a qualifying card, you recieved a insert for a download key from the ubisoft store, originally I assumed it would be a steam key aswell myself, but no info points to that at this moment. This needs to be clarified for question B aswell, since alot of folks im sure who *Preordered* the game took advantage of the deal and upgraded their video cards and are just sitting on the fence to find out what is happening with that.

Basic questions, none have been answered by a ubisoft/ubistore rep, i have looked on these forums, and i have found them wanting as far as rep responded. Please give us all a early heads up so we know where to put our bucks, I got a free copy.. *technically* even though i really had to pay for it too, just was bundled in the card combo.. But these questions getting answered would make alot of us alot happier im sure.

Even if there was a answer as to:

E: If we purchase a key no matter where we get it from distro wise, it would be useable on steam.. That would be a answer that would aleast tell me either way you guys actually read these forums and care about your non-console buying members aswell.

I understand sometimes the need to make us feel like 2nd class citizens, alot of piracy on the Pc.. but it doesn't validate your need for all this silence and non-response on the simple questions outlined in my post.


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11-03-2012, 02:07 AM
the game is not steamworks, so if you want it on steam you're gonna have to buy it on steam. all other retail/digital copies can be activated on uplay after you've installed the game

steam could offer a pre-load but nobody knows yet, amazon/retail copies show "available on nov 20th" so a pre-load seems unlikely there