View Full Version : AC3 & AC3: Liberation comparisons (no spoilers)

11-02-2012, 07:33 PM
Ok, so obviously I got both, one for home, and one for work with the vita. There are a couple of differences that I figured could answer some future questions for one game or the other.

Ambient music, it is in liberation, therefore I can assume the missing ambient music in AC3 is glitched
Outfit, in liberation you have the option of wearing a hat or a hood with your assassin's outfit, maybe a future DLC option?
Combat, slightly different, with the addition of touch screen mechanics, however massively improved on both games compared to past titles
Graphics, equally as good, AC3's may seem better because you see it on a bigger screen, however liberation has to have the best graphics for a vita title
Free roam, basically equally satisfying, however the huge let down with AC3's free roam is the lack of ambient music

well there it is, anyone with the vita title, please feel free to share your comparisons, and to UBI, PLEASE FIX THE AMBIENT MUSIC IN AC3!!