View Full Version : Tips: Switching weapons during combos / using different combos...

11-02-2012, 04:21 PM
is what i love doing during fighting sequences. during fights with lots of guards, after you can kill a guard with a certain weapon, you can instantly switch weapons (d-pad) and kill chain the next target right away using that weapon you switch too. you can do this as many times as there are guards you are fighting. experiment with different combos, weapons. What my main ones on my d-pad are:hidden blade, sawtooth sword, tomahawk, and bow and arrow. I just thought of it and tried to see if it'll work and it did. Also, when a guard attacks you, and you counter, you can also press triangle (ps3) or Y (360) and whatever weapon you have on that slot (smoke bomb, bow and arrorw, rope darts, etc...you can try different weapons equips) it'll add it to the combo. For me its a great way of killing enemies quicker especially if you have the bow and arrow equipped. Cause we all know that it takes a while to kill someone with the bow and arrow but if you use it with the combo, its much much quicker.

Just thought i'd share for those who didn't know. And for those who already know, what weapons and combos do you like using?