View Full Version : Lost Mayan Ruins single player mission help

11-02-2012, 03:33 PM
I just beat the Lost Mayan Ruins mission on the PS3. This mission is an exclusive unlock for those who pre-ordered the game. I will start out by telling you, that you can't do this mission until chapter 6. As soon as you beat chapter 5, you get free range of the ocean and your ship. Just go to your ship and then look on the map. You will see at the bottom where mexico is a place called Cerros. This is the Lost Mayans mission. Once you arrive on the island you have some climbing to do. This is pretty easy stuff, just simple R1 and jump. When you get to the top of the pyramid you will fall inside during a cut scene. It will tell you to find a way back up to the treasure room. This too is simple to do. On your right is a rock that is slanted. Using R1 run up the rock and climb onto the ledge. From there just keep working your way up to the top. Once inside the treasure room it will tell you to open the box. You will then get the Sawtooth Sword. You then return to homestead. You will notice that you can't equip the sword. You have to go back to the Manor. Once at the manor go inside and into the basement. Remember you need to pull on the candle to open the basement door. Once in the basement just head back to the far right corner or behind the steps, you will see a room to your right. This room holds all kinds of weapons. There is a shelf to the right that holds the Sawtooth sword. Just walk up to hit and hit X. It will ask you if you want to equip this weapon, then just hit x and enjoy your new sword. As a side note, after I equiped the sword I went to Boston. I found some red coats and picked a fight. It lasted maybe ten seconds. The sword is well worth the trouble.