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11-02-2012, 02:52 PM
*WARNING* Possible Spoilers *WARNING*

This is how I think Desmond’s story in ACIII should have been told:

The story begins with the team arriving at the temple, the door reacts to the apple and opens revealing a massive underground structure left by the first civilization. Upon descent, Desmond starts to have visions of Juno beckoning him, of Ezio, Altair and Lucy. They walk to the main hall of the old temple and Desmond succumbs to the bleeding effect. (Connor’s story begins). After a few sequences, Desmond leaves the animus to find the team wondering why did the animus automatically took him to Connor. Shawn states that they can’t move further into the temple because of some mechanism and Desmond says that Connor is the key. Back into the animus for a few more sequences. During Connor’s sequences it’s revealed that the natives held a golden scepter (another piece of Eden and Juno’s scepter) which gave Connor a vision and led him to Achilles’s house. Out of the animus Desmond sees images of Juno again. Getting closer she now talks to him and explains that he has seen the key but it might be too late. He realizes the scepter is the key to the temple and proceeds to inform the others only to find them being held captives by Daniel Cross. Cross warns Desmond to give up and surrender. He does the opposite and starts to fight Abstergo thugs. When he gets close enough Cross fires a gun, killing Shawn. Desmond takes a beating from the guards and faints seeing his father and Rebecca being carried away. After a few more of Connor’s sequences Desmond is taken out of the Animus only to find himself in Abstergo Headquarters in the same place ACI events happened. Vidic is there and he knows about the scepter. He tells Desmond his father and Rebecca are being questioned and that the Templars could not get into the temple as well. He promises to let them live if Desmond cooperates. It all goes back to ACI. Vidic needs Desmond to find the scepter which was in possession of Connor’s tribe. Back into the animus for a few more sequences. Desmond comes back. Vidic leaves the room and tells him to get some rest. The room is sealed but Desmond finds a way to leave through an air duct. Outside, he climbs Abstergo building and starts to look for William and Rebecca. The alarm goes off and the building is now crawling with guards. Cross decides to stay with the prisoners, knowing Desmond will come after them. Desmond now uses his assassin’s abilities and manages to stay hidden while taking out most of the guards in his way. He finally finds William and Rebecca and Cross along with them. He challenges Cross to a fight and a fierce battle between the two occurs. At some point both of them are severely hurt and the guards are approaching. Rebecca fires at Cross and says it was payback for Shawn. They manage to leave the building using a scaffolding and barely escape. They have lost the animus and the temple is now well guarded by the Templars. Rebecca says that they still have a prototype animus which they built and ran tests before using the final hardware. Once they find it they agree that the only way they can carry on now is to find the scepter. Back to Connor. At some point in his life Connor meets an English woman named Eve. (I won’t go into much detail here because this text is about Desmond). He falls in love with her and much later on discovers that she was a templar. Eve was after the scepter and once she finds out about it Charles Lee destroys Connor’s village and steals it. Connor goes after the remaining Templars and ends up fighting Lee. During the fight Lee uses the power of the scepter to subdue Connor. When Lee is about to kill him Eve tries to stop Lee which then stabs her. Connor rages and kills Lee. Eve reveals that she had a mission, but in the end she also fell in love with Connor and regretted what she did to him. He carries Eve’s body back to the homestead and buries her there along with the scepter. Knowing its location Desmond and the team go after it. After recovering the scepter they return to the temple and Desmond uses its power to multiply himself (like Rodrigo Borgia). All his copies take out the remaining Templars except for Vidic, which holds the apple. They both battle using the artifacts and when Vidic is about to lose he directs the apple power at Rebecca. She stabs William with the hidden blade. Desmond is shaken but he manages to kill Vidic by throwing him (and the apple) into the abyss below them. William is badly hurt and bleeding but insists Desmond continues on. Rebecca stays behind to care for William. Desmond uses the scepter to open the temple and proceeds to the inner chamber where he finds Juno in person. She is much taller than him and appears to glow. She explains to him that the reason they failed was because mankind rebelled against them, their creators. They were much more powerful yet men were much more numerous. When they realized what was about to happen with the sun it was already too late. Their technology would not protect them and so they built places to hold their knowledge, vessel is the word she uses (which are actually AIs that carry the traits of chosen candidates from their civilization). She explains that they needed someone to stay behind, to tend for what they left behind and guide those that came after them so that the same mistakes would not be made. She was the chosen one, and when Desmond opened the door she was awakened. She tells him that there is a way to save the world but that it will require the aid of his greatest enemies. He has to give the Templars the scepter. They will use it on the satellite hoping to enslave people and when they do she will use the temple to signal the scepter to release a giant wave of energy, which in turn could counter the suns burst. William volunteers to take the scepter to the Templars. He says they will surely kill the person carrying it and he does not have much time. Reluctant Desmond accepts it and they drop William at Abstergo. William says he’s proud of Desmond and the he loves him. We see him walking away slowly and entering the building. Sometime later the satellite is launched and Juno carries out her plan. The energy shields earth but ends up killing Juno in the process while she tried to control it. Desmond and Rebecca leave the temple together to see the world was saved. Desmond asks how much blood had to be spilled to save the unaware. He asks Rebecca if it was truly worth it. The sun rises, Rebecca holds Desmond’s hand and says it was worth it. Every sacrifice was worth it. The end.

P.S.: My English sucks, I know it…