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11-02-2012, 11:33 AM
ok so I have a couple of questions and would appreciate if anyone can answer them:

1. Are there any missions in Boston besides the liberation missions and mail missions? i have done all liberation missions in Boston and all view points and its showing no more missions, am I missing something?

2. I don't understand how the mail missions work, i go up to the NPC and interest, he says thanks then nothing happens, is it meant to tell me where i am to deliver it? help would be appreciated.

3. how many homestead missions are there? i have done 2 and nothing else has appeared, is there nothing else? also how do you use the homestead citizens? I heard you can craft things but I don't know how that's done.

4. are there any other missions in the frontier besides hunting and looting convoys? I thought it was supposed to be filled with content.

5. how do i access the ps3 exclusive content?

if any of these questions are obvious that I am sorry but it would be very helpful if i could have them answered, thanks in advance :)

11-02-2012, 12:27 PM
Hi There, - threads talking about gameplay - missions - or anything which could impact other peoples game play - should go in the Hints&tips forum - they should also have a clear spoiler warning in the tread title!

There is a pinned thread in the general forum pointing this out.. Please read it!

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I will move this thread to the correct forum - please remember to check the spoiler rules thread for the next time you post.