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11-02-2012, 09:16 AM
Now I love how DLCs add extra content that the developers couldn't put in the game in time like the AC2 DLCs, or sub-stories that didn't make the final cut but were realized at a later time like Minerva's Den in Bioshock 2, or just the great post game new stuff like all of Mass effect 2's and Fall Out 3/New Vegas's. I gladly pay for it and have had to have bought a bigger hard-drive as a result for it. However I absolutely hate preorder bonuses and console exclusive content, and no one is a worse offender of this than Ubisoft. Ubisoft makes great games which I love like Rainbow 6 games and of course the Assassins Creed series but they are hands down the worst company when it comes screwing over the customers content wise. While most developers make preorder bonuses useless stuff like exclusive skins or in the case of Red Dead Redemption an exclusive gang, or early access to guns in multiplayer (which you'll be able to unlock eventually anyway), Ubisoft takes out whole stories missions which I find to be an outrage. To make it worse they split these among different retailers so that you can't get all of them until a much later date when they release as DLC that by them I've well beat the game and need to go back. And as annoying as that is at least they still release it which was a huge relief for me back when I was worried I missed out on all the preorder stuff from AC2.

But what really is an outrage is how unlike the preorder stuff which eventually released as DLC at a later date, the PS3 exclusive Copernicus Conspiracy never released for Xbox 360. This to me is just a disgrace of Ubisoft to stoop so low to accept some deal with Sony that would screw over their just as loyal xbox fans out of never being able to play some missions in the game ever. And I've read in another thread how someone rationalized that Sony paid Ubisoft to develop the Copernicus and now Benedict Arnold missions. I'm fairly sure that's not how it works, it's rather Sony pay Ubisoft and Ubisoft pull some non-main storyline missions out that were already going to be in the game and make them exclusive which is far cheaper than developing new content which would require new storyboards, voice actors, etc. To make it even more obvious do you think Gamestop paid for the development of the Mayan mission or Bestbuy for the Ghost of War? To me if the PS3 fans got the missions first for like a half year and then it would be eventually released to Xbox live marketplace I'd be totally fine with but the fact that it never releases at all is just ridiculous. Not to mention it makes no business sense on Ubisoft's side as I would imagine the profits they'd make from selling the content later as DLC to Xbox fans would far outweigh any money Sony paid to keep it completely exclusive unless Sony paid some exorbitant amount.

To me all this does is just make die hard Assassins Creed fans like me on other platforms just become frustrated at being basically left screwed over and left missing out. Last time I checked, the goal of any company is to make money while keeping their consumers/patrons happy so they return to do more business. I feel like Ubisoft has forsaken its integrity as a company in respecting its loyal customers and fans to make a quick buck. Now yes Sony is just as much to blame for coming up with the deal but I feel like if Ubisoft had any self respect, they wouldn't agree to keeping the PS3 exclusives exclusive forever. And I'm not a Xbox fan boy (I'm actually seriously thinking of getting a PS4 after being fed up with red-rings-of-death and paying for xbox live) as I'm just a frustrated Assassins Creed fan who is a bit OCD with being a completionist. Now I don't know yet if the Benedict Arnold missions will release eventually for the 360 but if Sony's previous track record of exclusives like the Copernicus Conspiracy and LA Noire exclusive traffic case are anything to go buy, these missions will never release on the 360 either.

Now I know I can't be the only one who finds this unfair and I know there are even Playsation users who feel this is unfair to their fellow fans. I'm hoping there are others of you that agree with me on this and that some Ubisoft employee will see this and either try to get the Benedict Arnold missions eventually released to other platforms (which seems unlikely as no doubt Sony has some legal contractual clause/agreement with Ubisoft) or at the very least make sure that they avoid such deals in the future with either Sony or Microsoft. Either way this won't happen unless Ubisoft sees their fans be vocally angry/frustrated with this issue or otherwise they'll feel they can keep getting away with it. I mean look at what the fans reaction to the Mass Effect 3 ending did and how it made Bioware come out and apologize to their fans and at least try to attempt to fix the situation. I just wish that Ubisoft would go back to RESPECTING their loyal fans instead of screwing them over in the pursuit of making a quick buck.

PS: Sorry for the post length but this whole issue just annoys/hurts me deeply as does the direction the gaming industry is going as a whole where it becomes more and more about the $$$ and less about what the customer thinks/values and the sake of making games as an artistic vision/creation that serves as a form of entertainment. There are less and less games like Assassins Creed, Bioshock, or Dishonored and more regurgitated FPS crap like Call of Duty(which i was a huge fan of until WaW). And I don't think it will ever change because game companies will always be able to get away with it because they can always rely on manipulating young gamers below the age of 14 who do not understand the value of money until they stop spending their parents and actually go off to work themselves or understand what a quality video game really is. Only if a company respects it's customers/fans and respects itself will this change.

11-02-2012, 09:24 AM
I agree with you fully. It's a despicable practice.

11-02-2012, 09:58 AM
Just a summary for those who may no have the patience to read all that, most of us are probably fed up with all these preorder/console exclusives and we need to let Ubisoft know were tired of getting abused. I know most people would rather have the whole complete game with all content already in a normal copy and not have to strategically choose from which retailer to buy the game and on which console. At the end of the day the only ones benefiting from all this are Sony, Gamestop, etc and the big loser is the fans/consumers. Gamestop invented this whole preorder exclusive crap to get higher sales for them and this has led others like Amazon and Bestbuy to follow suit to remain competitive And I don't even understand why Ubisoft even agrees to these deals with Gamestop when its Gamestop's used game market which screwed developers out of game sale profits and forces them to make these online passes which we're seeing more and more now. If I was the head of Ubisoft i'd give Gamestop a big F U. At the end of the day the fans are the ones get the short end of the stick. Ubisoft needs to figure out who it should care more about, its fans which actually give them praise for their artistic innovation and buy their games or Gamestop which steals money from them.