View Full Version : Game corrupting glitch + Remedy, consequences

11-02-2012, 07:28 AM
DISCLAIMER: There are no story spoilers, but there is a minor gameplay element (similar to towers in ACB) so if you don't want that spoiled for whatever reason then run.

Alright guys as you may or may not already know I absolutely love AC3. I'll keep it at that.

I read a few different posts on here about frame rate issues on the Xbox 360. I thought this was really strange, as I am on PS3 and if anything the PS3 usually has the worse frame rate, but my game plays really smooth and only drops to slightly noticeable but easily dismissed levels. I did empty out my hard drive before installing, so this might have something to do with it. Anyway, at some point in sequence 5, I was going through one of the forts in Boston, I can't remember exactly which one. Anyway, As I approached the last captain guy to kill, my screen went bright white, and some weird, broken noise started going crazy. I have had a similar glitch in ACB and ACR multiplayer, where the screen goes white, you can't move, and you can hear the sound of pigeons but in a loud, peircing and distorted way.

I'm not sure if it was pigeons this time but there was some ghastly noise so I had to turn my TV right down, and I was essentially frozen. By looking at the map, I estimate I was moving at about 1-2fps, but each frame individually, so I was barely moving at all. I couldn't see anything, I don''t think I could pause.

Anyway I promptly turned off and turned back on my PS3. Since then, it has experienced extremely frequent freezing. You have probably experienced it every now and again if you played AC3, occasionly everything would freeze for a second or two, the sounds would carry on, and then you are back in action. I have no problem with that, it didn't happen often at all and I imagine it is loading new parts of Boston in higher detail or something. Well this happened at the main menu about 3 or 4 times before I could even get into the game. While playing the game it was occurring at a rate of at least twice per minute, and each time was longer than it used to be also. This became really frustrating, so I thought I would try multiplayer.

Well for some unrelated reason, I couldn't get online, so I went into the playground mode to just mess around, and the freezing thing was even worse, happening about 4 times in the first minute. It was getting almost unbearable, and there is no way I could play online under those conditions. So I did the PS3 cleanup kinda stuff, "Restore File System" and "Rebuild Database" then booted up and tried again, but it was exactly the same. So my last resort was to uninstall and then re install AC3.

I should note that at this point I also couldn't log in to Ubisoft. I don't know what it is, but every week I have some kind of problems accessing either the forum, the multiplayer, or both, for the past 3 weeks.

Anyway, once I reinstalled (I kept my save files) everything was back to how it was - golden. Very pleased, I set off on my merry way, and all was well. So if you experience this glitch, and the following gameplay appears to suffer, I would advice you to uninstall and reinstall AC3, because I think it somehow corrupts the file.

EDIT: I thought that I had lost my pre order bonus (The Redcoat) so I was pretty peeved, but I found my code and entered it again, expecting the worse, but it did work so I have her back. I assume that any DLC you have will be gone when you do this, so hold onto your codes. You can cash them in again, and luckily the customization is kept too because I spent most of my credits on her.

Everything turned out well, at first I thought my game was screwed, then I fixed it and I thought I had lost my beloved Redcoat, but now it's all good, just be aware, because this freezing thing literally almost put me off the game, it was SO FRUSTRATING, and I am like a mega fanboy for this game haha.