View Full Version : When is there going to be an update on Xbox 360 to patch all the bugs in the game?

11-02-2012, 01:22 AM
When I got Assassins Creed I thought it was the best game ever and still do kinda but it is starting to annoy me with all the bugs in the game such as trying to climb a tree and he just stands there and doesn't run up it or he does but doesn't grab nothing, this also happens to some mountains and rocks. I also hate the fact that when I try to run up something Connor runs up it and past it and runs up thin air and falls back down and doesn't climb.

Another bug which annoys me the most is in combat. Sometimes when I am in combat Connor doesn't attack when I hit the X button and it gets really annoying when I am trying to get Full Sync on a mission but it had time limits on the mission but he won't attack so it takes way too long.