View Full Version : Camera on PC version and a non related question

11-02-2012, 01:18 AM
Hey ubiguys ;]
There is some difference between console and PC. for example how u control the character in-game. you know, u have that weird thing that u hold in ur hands (pfff pad? ;]) but mouse + keyboard is a better game controler for some people. i am one of them, and i was wandering if one could put the camera ('eyes' through witch u see the ingame world) closer and further from the main char. i saw some gameplays and i think its too close - e.g when u climb on the walls. more distance - more view.

Or something else :P
mouse up-down = character is looking up or down, or camera is moving on that dirrection (camera up, pointing down ,and other way around)

Im just saying, if u could just give us some free beta... not the whole game, just some small level for climbing or combat, we could post our thoughts and you could improve the game :)

its like when u are shopping in some big supermarket, and a pretty lady that is going around it approaches u with tray full of, idk, cheese :)
give us the appertiser, people will check it out, and if u listen them, theyll buy it

regards, gamer :)

PS. u cant have it on console, can u? ;]

11-02-2012, 12:41 PM
yea i totally agree with you and i prefer mouse+keyboard too