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11-01-2012, 11:26 PM
1. There is no, at least that I saw on my PS3 version of this game, an explanation as to why Connor knows the name of his father or what he looks like. It is clear that he is out of the picture by the time Connor is ten years old, but my game offered no clear visual depiction of why he left, how Connor knows these things and so on unless it is buried in encyclopedia entries that occur outside of the gameplay. This is exceedingly jarring, Connor goes from just a simple Indian boy following a prophecy to understanding the war between the Assassin's and Templars with a conversation that occupies the span of less than ten minutes. I realize you don't want to spend the time depicting the whole thing, but it is just difficult to stomach this. Much less why he is so comfortable killing his own father. Did I miss a pretty obvious family rift? I would think he might have some more reservations about offing his own father, even with abandonment in the picture.

2. Connor is clearly inexperienced as an Assassin and rather naive as a result; this is perfectly acceptable... but his first recruit as an Assassin. A secret organization bathed in mystery chooses the man who walked down the middle of the street with a meat cleaver hacking soldiers bodily apart with no regard toward the consequences of this action. At what point did Achilles tell him that we need more people to join our cause? It took years for Ezio to have the training and first hand experience to begin building a den of assassins; Connor can be entrusted to do this within a span of around five years?

3. There is no clear tutorial on fairly important aspects of this game:

Trading - How to do it? How can I improve it? How can I reduce risk/taxes and find more traders?
Homesteaders - How do I use them? Do I use them? Where can I find more missions?
Exploring - At what point can I start exploring Boston and unlock everything? IE when I don't need to roam through the whole city more than once? That isn't very clearly defined.
Assassins - Your first recruit, as mentioned above, is a ridiculous choice... but how can I recruit more? Why? How do I use them once I have them?
Naval Missions - What benefit is there in doing these? How can I start ocean trading? It is clear they are designed to help, but again, no clear tutorial or cause.

4. City movement has become second nature for a lot of veterans, we know what we can climb on for the most part. But the frontier movement, explained well for trees in some of the opening sequences, also leaves out a fairly big part for climbing on mountains is not really touched upon. The markers for what is 'climbable' isn't very well depicted visually either. Without some indicator like this, I end up just walking against a cliff for awhile to help figure it out.

5. Snare hunting, clearly this only works on smaller game (at least for mine) but not explained clearly in game. It took me awhile to realize why the snare/bait combo wasn't working when a hoard of deer came walking by but I couldn't get a single rabbit to be snagged. But again, no explanation.

6. Weapon and Tool selection is awful, having to HOLD DOWN a trigger in order to access a menu and keep holding it down makes navigation a multitasking affair instead of 'press it and forget it'.

7. Lockpicking... rotating two sticks independent of one another and using a trigger to unlock. It isn't difficult, but is it necessary to add yet another 'minigame'? It is just frustrating, not challenging, when you finally get the 'sweetspot' and your finger releases just a touch and you have to restart the process again.

Huff. Okay, all the other blatant technical bugs I already reported in that respective forum. I realize all of this is just complaining... there are some absolutely great parts to this game that make it quite enjoyable. But going from Ezio to Connor has been a rather jarring affair, not just because it is 'different' but it feels as those parts of the game that were once quite well polished have fallen by the wayside, or been replaced by new facets that could use some serious looking at. The hunting is fantastic, the naval battles are a great change of pace and the idea of improving an entire homestead is properly 'frontiers-y'. Even the setting itself is rife for conspiratorial beginnings in the forging of a new country with Free Masons and Knights Templar.

So yeah, there are some stuff I'd like to see fixed up but overall it's not terrible at all.

Lastly... if there are a lot of people screaming USE THE TUTORIALS... please understand that game mechanics should be simplistic enough to be explained in a concise, at a glance review or built upon over time to a complex state. If you envision a system that offers complexity, introduce the players to it over time. This isn't some appeal for simplicity, but rather avoid forcing us to spend a great deal of time reading through them over all the various system mechanics. They should be used as a reference material in case you forget something through the initial tutorial, not the primary means of relating information.