View Full Version : My detailed idea for the next AC installment (Ancient Greece, Egypt, Persia & India)

11-01-2012, 02:28 PM
It would take place in Ancient Greece and incorporate Alexander the Great battles and travels to Egypt, Persia, and India! It could also later reach and touch early Roman empire again.

I think it has ALL the elements an AC game needs! It can be enough for a trilogy! And more!

It would have the following:

- Exotic locations. Lots of them!

- A leading military figure which the ancient assassin will come in contact with. Just like George Washington it would have Alexander the Great. One of the most fascinating historical figures actually. And before him, Phillip II of Macedon, Alexander's assassinated father.
Obviously, I wouldn't name Alexander as some kind of ancient Templar. But let's say that during his travels he came into possession of an ancient artifact (or maybe a map) that certain people (the ancient Templar equivalents) would want to acquire.

- Mystery and assassinations: Alexander's father gets assassinated, Alexander dies a mysterious early death at age 32 in Babylon. The ones inheriting (Ptolemaic dynasty leading up to Cleopatra and then Roman rule of Egypt) fought each other for Alexander's kingdom. Were they fighting just for the lands or something else, too? Like a mysterious artifact? Hmm...

Note: Alexander's tomb has never been found to this date. Nobody knows where it is. So the AC game could deal with the actual DISCOVERY of this tomb today. Maybe it's hiding something in its depths? Something that shouldn't be found?
In addition, what also has not been found until today is Alexander's breastplate! Last time it was seen Caligula had it! Oh you know... that lunatic blood-thirsty Roman emperor. Hmmm... Unless it was just a replica, could the breast-plate have something powerful and corrupting embedded on it??? The mind boggles! Oh and if you didn't know Caligula was the first Roman emperor to be assassinated!! It was the result of a conspiracy involving officers of the Praetorian Guard, as well as members of the Roman Senate and of the imperial Court.

- Mythology. A LOT of mythology due to the time period and locations (and, obviously, the best excuse for the existence of mysterious and dangerous artifacts).
Minerva is actually the Roman equivalent of Greek goddess Athena. Athena seems a bit different from Minerva in the AC games. According to Wiki Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom, Warfare, Divine intelligence, Architecture and Crafts. And Patron Goddess of Athens. Maybe AC's Minerva is Athena's evil twin!? Who managed to overcome the good and virginal Athena? How about that for a plot twist!?

Now the "Assassin" profile: I would start with an Athenian (or a SPARTAAAAN haha) assassin at first. So I would love to see ancient Athens, and the Temple of Athena (the Parthenon in Athens is actually dedicated to her). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parthenon. Then Pella, Macedonia, Alexander's birth place. Then, all the other locations as the assassin follows Alexander the Great to Egypt (where he founds the city of Alexandria), Persepolis, Babylon, Susa, India... (Oh by the way, in Egypt Alexander is crowned a god).

Apart from Alexander, the assassin would meet with so many historical figures which could include Aristotle, Alexander's teacher. He could learn a thing or two from him. No? Just like Ezio learnt from Leonardo!

Now see how easy it is to incorporate an AC universe in this time period!!! I can write this whole script in like a month!! LOL No seriously...
For more info on Alexander the Great click here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_the_Great and http://www.ucg.org/news-and-prophecy/alexander-great-man-who-would-be-god/ & for lost Tomb click here: http://www.alexanderstomb.com/main/index.htmland
For Caligula: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caligula

You heard it here first! LOL I expect at least a credit for this idea if it's used! :cool: