View Full Version : [Spoilers] Opening mission of New York was the worst experience of my life

11-01-2012, 04:25 AM
Opening mission of New York was absolutely awful. It went on forever and ever, and it was that incredibly boring follow someone bs and then try to chase them down. It took me 2 hours and over 20 attempts to get it done. And it was not in the least bit enjoyable. I hope Ubisoft reads these forums and removes all "tail the target" scenes where you tail them for 20 minutes in real time! Who would ever think that is fun?!!!

11-01-2012, 04:37 AM
I understand that you didn't like it but.... Really? Worst experience of your life?

11-01-2012, 04:43 AM
I don't remember tailing anyone for 20 min. O_o
For me New York went relatively fast actually.

11-01-2012, 04:48 AM
The prison sequence right after was just as boring and awful. I understand the need to try something new, but this is boring and frustrating. Now I have to fist fight a bunch of people, which is not nearly as easy and fun as when I have my weapons. Once again, it is taking me many tries to complete.