View Full Version : AC 3 side mission questions (mild spoilers)

10-31-2012, 11:03 PM
Hey, been playing AC 3 for quite a while and gotta say I'm loving the hell out of it.

But anyway, I'm going to ask some questions and I hope that nothing will get spoiled. I'm currently in sequence 6 so try to keep your answers up to par or below sequence 6 please. Thank you.

So I see a lot of side quests here but what do they actually do for you? They really didn't make it clear other than you can now make stuff like wooden barrels. In The Ezio trilogy it's pretty straight forward, but not really sure what it helps you gain other than making the place look more populated.

Also, the trading/manufacturing book is REALLY confusing. It says you can make money there but I'm not sure how to operate it. I'm sure I'll be able to make great use of it later but for now it's just really confusing.

What about the frontiersman missions? I went to one and it had me run all over but I wasn't sure if the frontiersman mission would ever go away. Not really sure if they give me anything interesting.

I'm sure the liberation missions are just helping townsfolk from the redcoats, but do they offer anything more than just kicking ***?

Sorry for the questions, and thanks for the help.