View Full Version : Why Change Brotherhood's Inventory System?

10-31-2012, 10:24 PM
A lot of things frustrate me in AC3 so far, but one of the most aggravating mechanics is the new inventory system to change your equipped items. Brotherhood had the perfect quick menu with the radial dials controlled by each thumbstick. All I had to do was quickly pull up the screen, swing over to what I want, and pop back out. For AC3, not only does the menu take a while to pull up, but then you have to scroll down each side to find the item/weapon you want to equip. Considering I like saving my D-pad for combat weapons to swap on the fly, it's a pain having to dig through the menu to pull up the horse whistle whenever I want to travel fast, or I need a specific weapon that's not linked to my D-pad. Anyone else find the new weapon swapping system frustrating after having a much better system in previous AC titles?