View Full Version : My Spoiler Free Opinion On The Game

10-31-2012, 04:50 PM
It's amazing. It's all I ever wanted out of it :D I'm upto Sequence 5 now, and I just... love it. So far, the story has been cleverly done, they've finally shown that there's no black or white between Assassin's and Templars, they're both grey areas.

The new combat system is awesome, it takes a while to get used to and feels slower, but when you've got your reactions right, you can best through redcoats like there's no tomorrow. In the Frontier there was a band marching past me, about 8 redcoats, I chucked a smoke bomb at them , dropped down and because of the new "fluid assassination" thing, where you kill someone but do it on the move, I took them all out with the hidden blade in about 10 seconds lol. AWESOME.

Guns are perfectly balanced. Many feared it would be too easy, it isn't. I use the gun when I get overwhelmed, and once that bullet's gone it's gone. Unless you can run away or you've got allies to help, you're not getting another shot out of that gun.

The graphics, I'm on PS3, and they're astounding. There's a little bit of clipping here and there, and a few moments were it looks odd in the background, but I've found this is the best running game so far in the series. I swear in most scenes in Boston and the Frontier (especially on ships) it's running at 60fps. It's just so smooth. As for the clipping.. it's AC. What do you expect? It's not easy to do what they've done.

I've spent the past few hours in the Frontier just messing around. It is AWESOME. So much to do. The new controls are great btw. No more Assassin claw, although out of habit I sometimes do it. I noticed there was one big tree with a viewpoint I just couldn't climb, don't know if it's glitched or if I was going up the wrong way, but I couldn't get any further.

Anyway, yeah.. it's amazing. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I am.