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10-31-2012, 01:12 PM
[Xbox] K, I need to know if this is a glitch or I'm being stupid... as Haytham, I'm doing the mission to get the info that was stolen - I blew up the gate to get in w/ no problem, took out the guard up on the hill top... there's a rack of muskets or whatever, I take one & it prompts the 4 men below w/ red targets. Great. I shoot 1 & the other 2 guys take out the rest down there.
I guess that musket only works once? I click Y to shoot again - or reload it to shoot, and the circles down below show it loading up (circle starts filling up w/ a blue color to show it's reloading). It turns all blue, then goes back to empty. Not sure if that only shoots once? So.......

Now the problem... any other musket I take from the rack or from the dead guys below doesn't work - they don't shoot or reload at all. Nothing happens when I'm holding them. So I drop any muskets & have an empty right hand figuring I need to use my pistol from now on?
K, so I try to equip my pistol instead (from the weapons menu [RB], I highlight my pistol at right (right holster) & on the left, the empty fist is highlighted (out of the other 2 options of sword & hidden blade).

When I release the RB button, he isn't equipping the pistol. ????????
I have nothing to shoot with & the mission option is to shoot 10 people. That's a little hard to accomplish when I can't get a gun into my fist lol
HELP anyone? Is there a walkthru link so I can see how someone else is doing this?
**editing in: I had my order mixed up - as to before & after I blew up the gate, but anyone in this area having issues will know what I'm talking about

10-31-2012, 02:07 PM
Having similar issues at same spot in game and wondered if I was doing something wrong. Really frustrating as I cannot proceed in game past this point. I can use muskets, unlike ProdiGurl but cannot use Musket after clearing courtyard while trying to "open gate" --- I am also unable to switch to my pistol. Anybody have thoughts here as I cannot go on.

10-31-2012, 02:15 PM
Ok I just now got thru this mission area... if you cant' use the gun, you aren't supposed to there. Shoot 1 of the 4 men when it offers you a red target on them down there.
Then just go to your sword as you move forward to the next area... (before the gate). Kill them in a regular fight w/ the sword or use the musket as your sword (bayonete thingy).
Then shoot the gate (it lets you use your gun there w/ prompts) - go thru the gate, get the chest -
Then it prompts you again to use the gun to shoot the first guy (you can't move).
After that, more rush in, just use the sword, you can't shoot those guys either. Later as you move on, it prompts you where you can use your gun & lets you equip it.
Basically from what I just did, you can't use it till you're allowed to (there's men to shoot on rooftops later).
I had it in my mind that since the mission was about shooting 10 people, that I was supposed to equip my gun anywhere & shoot as many down - at least 10 - that I could.... but that doesn't seem to be the way you're supposed to do it.
One thing to beware of on those men on the roofs, it wouldn't let me shoot the men on the right roof until I shot the man on the left roof that was much closer to me.

Hope that helps? Maybe later in the game you can use your gun whenever - I think this mission was more of a walkthru on shooting so it's controlled for you?

10-31-2012, 10:28 PM
I had tremendous problems with that mission myself. It will reload the musket if you let it, or you can abort that and select another from the rack for the next set. In theory you could take muskets from the next fight as well. If the musket will not reload, drop it -- you can make the shot with a pistol. The trick is, when you click F1 (and you must do that to advance here), a little white circle will appear on the screen. It can be very hard to see, but on the 3rd try, I saw finally saw it. Move that circle over one of the gunpowder barrels and press triangle to fire the gun. I suspect that your problem is that you have not aimed for a barrel correctly.

You will be able to shoot a number of people during the second half of the mission after you pick up the chest -- getting 3 or 4 up to that point is sufficient, but not really necessary.

10-31-2012, 11:23 PM
i am completely unable to see the white aiming circle on Xbox when I press LT so I can't shoot the barrels. I have been trouble shooting this for hours. I even went so far as to return my game and get a new one. Anyone have any ideas?