View Full Version : Any interesting Midnight Launches?

10-30-2012, 12:58 PM
I went to the Launch at my local GameStop and it was interesting, my buddy who worked there dressed up as Ezio, and then this old guy came in with a huge costume with speakers in his shoulders playing dubstep it was awesome and I wanted to know if anyone else had a memorable experince at there midnight launch like I did share yours below.

10-30-2012, 04:54 PM
Yup I game launched AC3 at a near gamestop here in CA.
It was awesome! there is Wingstop right next to GStop and if you had a reciept for AC3(or AC3L) you got a free drink and fries with any wing purchase.
Never been to Wingstop but dam those wings were good!! Highly recommend by the way ;)

Also they had giveaways and it was based off your recipt since on the recipt there was a sticker with a letter and number (I was 2B)
and I won an Assassin necklace and Dishonored Tarot cards. (which I looked at the cards and aside from the charcater cards and the 'C' Card (Commoner or Captain) there rest seem like poker cards but diffrent suites. can I play them as Poker since I don't do occult stuff lol)

I wish I could've won the AC3 shirt or a poster but eh I also won a season pass for doing their trivia :D
so it was pretty cool and it was 'My' first game launch. I attended Mass Effect 3 with my friends but it wasn't for my behalf so I could say 'I" attended for it. I just went for the company lol