View Full Version : Question about the PC version (AC3)

10-29-2012, 12:27 AM
I have a questions about the PC version of AC3.

what exactually does it mean that AC3 won't have "mouse and keyboard" support? will it force me to use a wired controller?

i have played all the AC games on my PC and i have used the mouse and keyboard without any issues but now that they have changed the controls and taking away the mouse and keyboard support thingy it kinda worries me that i might have to use a controller.

I also heard that the run button isn't the same as the block button in melee now which for pc was right mouse button,
so if u run with the right mouse button which one will u block with?

so i basicly want to know if the controls are going to be fine on the pc or if they are going to be trash even if u costomize them urself.

hopefully some1 can answer this for me :)

10-29-2012, 01:29 AM
Keyboard and mouse will work just as good as in previous games. What they meant by "not support keyboard and mouse" is that they won't be giving any special treatment to the control scheme and just making it like past games.

It is more to say that the game is being designed with a gamepad in mind as the primary device rather than the mouse and keyboard.

10-31-2012, 04:27 PM
This is their way or saying we wont be putting much effort into the games' control scheme IF you are using the traditional PC control system of M&K.

UBI, If you are going to let them play with M&K then it better be supported. I played all versions of the game via mouse and keyboard. I can look around and scan faster than a controller can. I know so from first hand experience. I found a controller to be slow, inaccurate and totally sluggish. It felt so alien to me i did not want to bother with it after 5 hours of trying. Looking behind me became a nightmare whereas with a mouse it was so much simpler.

If as you say that Keyboard and mouse will work just as good as in previous games then its just as crap. This is what happens when games are ported and the job of porting them over is not done correctly or with less enthusiasm than required. Read lazy programers.

The PC's primary input device will always remain a keyboard and some sort of mouse so why say otherwise and make PC users start using a new input device?